BAND-IT Builds Test Success Kits for Garden Place Elementary

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March 25, 2019

BAND-IT employees volunteered to build “test success kits” earlier this month for local children attending nearby Garden Place Elementary, which is in one of the Denver-area’s most underserved communities. In partnership with the Mile High United Way, 27 BAND-IT employees packaged kits to brighten students’ day and help reduce the stress of standardized tests.

The kits included a brightly colored pencil pouch containing personalized notes of encouragement, a homemade stress ball (balloon and flour), a calculator, goldfish crackers, pencils, pencil sharpeners, and a ruler.          

BAND-IT, a unit of IDEX Corporation, has been working with the United Way for four years. It continues to play a critical role in helping address chronic absenteeism, early literacy, and parent engagement and leadership within the local community.

With the mission of addressing the critical needs of community grade schools, BAND-IT was recently awarded $40,000 from the IDEX Foundation to continue to be a positive force for change in their local community.

Building on their impact, BAND-IT employees will help improve transportation services for students and invest in leadership development for school staff in 2019.


IDEX Colleagues Worldwide Participate in IWD Activities

Company News
March 22, 2019

IDEX teams across the globe celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8, recognizing women’s achievements and raising awareness of gender equality issues.

With the support of the various IDEX women’s networks worldwide, over 26 business units engaged in activities designed to promote female successes and role models, making it the largest IDEX International Women’s Day event in history!

Some of the wonderful ways that our business units celebrated the women of the world included:

    • Publishing profiles of famous female pioneers in history
    • Hosting inclusion and diversity breakfast meetings
    • Fundraising and arranging donations for local women’s shelters
    • Inviting local female engineering students to ‘open day’-style events at our Bus
    • A Chinese tradition, handing out flowers to the female employees
    • Sharing stories of inspirational female family members
    • Focusing on STEM topic for women

Members of each business unit also pledged to contribute to gender equality in day-to-day life this year.  The pledges, based around the #BalanceforBetter theme, include forging positive visibility of women, celebrating women’s achievements and challenging stereotypes and bias.  Every activity embraced the spirit of inclusion and diversity, two concepts that make up the foundation of our company ethos.Two new groups were born out of this year’s celebration; WOW, the women of Warren Rupp, in addition to a new Chicagoland group, WII, Women in IDEX in the Chicagoland area. We are excited about our growing inclusion networks (all are welcome to attend their open events). Thank you to everyone who contributed, pledged, baked cakes, organized and supported our celebration and for helping IDEX to achieve #BalanceforBetter.

Business Units Pictured below (Left to Right): FTL Technology, Fast & Fluid Management, IDEX India, IDEX Corporate Lake Forest, Matcon UK, IDEX China, IDEX Corporate Downtown Chicago, Knight, IDEX MPT Canada, Gast UK, Warren Rupp, Akron Brass, Novotema, Hurst USA, Godiva UK & Hurst

Liquid Controls Wins 2019 iF Design Award For New LCR.iQ™

Company News
March 21, 2019

Liquid Controls’ new LCR.iQ electronic register and data controller has won the prestigious 2019 iF Design Award from iF International Forum Design, formally receiving the award on March 15 at the iF Design Award Night in Munich, Germany.

The judges acknowledged the LCR.iQ for its user-friendly design and demonstrated intelligent features in the Discipline of Product, Industry & Tools category. A jury of 67 global industrial design and UX experts with over 6,400 entrants from 50 countries judged entries in the annual industrial design competition.

“The LCR.iQ being recognized by the iF International Forum validates the extensive effort invested into making this product exceptionally intuitive for fuelers in the field,” said Dan Clevenger, Market Manager at Liquid Controls. “It is our goal that the end-users of this new platform are the ones to benefit from the productivity and efficiency for years to come.”

The LCR.iQ® is a micro-processor-based controller certified by weights and measures authorities for legal custody transfer of valuable fuels and gases in industries like aviation, refined fuels, and liquefied petroleum gases. The LCR.iQ was built from the ground up by the Liquid Controls’ R&D team, closely collaborating with customers and industry professionals focused on ease of use, process configurability, and data security.

“Through a deep understanding of our end-users, their work environments, and the operational challenges they face, we will continue to improve our customers’ lives and businesses,” said Sheena Cline, General Manager – Liquid Controls.

The LCR.iQ was officially launched on January 2, 2019 for the aviation, refined fuels, and LPG markets. It is available now through authorized LC distributors and OEM truck integrators in those markets.

Based in Lake Bluff, Illinois, Liquid Controls (LC), a unit of IDEX Corporation, is the global market leader in precision measuring systems providing highly engineered and differentiated products used in custody transfer of highly valuable refined fuels and liquids. From its start in 1956, Liquid Controls has been dedicated to providing high quality flow meters and accessories for accurate liquid measurement in custody transfer applications. Beginning with the original military aircraft high flow fueling requirements in 1956, LC now leads in metering a wide variety of applications and markets including refined fuels, LPG, and other valuable fluids markets.


(Pictured on Left: Dan Clevenger, Market Manager at Liquid Controls)


iPEK Cameras Aid Flood Prevention Project in UK

Company News
March 20, 2019

A project to reduce flooding in the UK, is being accelerated by German-based IDEX company iPEK, which manufactures wastewater inspection systems. iPek helped find defects in pipeline systems for the Wyke Beck Valley Project , which is part of a six-part program to improve Leed’s flood alleviation practices.

The project is designed to help develop a flood storage reservoir to eliminate flood risk downstream and includes a series of environmental enhancements including ponds in a more natural eco-setting for the area.

Located near Manchester, Leeds has had many difficulties with the heavy rains and overflows in the last six years. Throughout the last six years, Leeds has suffered from several flooding events, the most notable being caused by the impact of Storm Eva on Boxing Day, 2015. The flooding affected 3,355 properties, costing the city over $42 million.

With the help of iPEK’s Rovion pipeline inspection truck, the team was able to examine the system through two manholes in quiet areas. This ensured technicians caused no disruption to customers or the general public. Without the new addition of equipment, The Wyke Beck Valley project team would have been unable to complete the task with as few set up sites.

To read the full case study, click here.

LUKAS earns trade press praise for battery-powered eDRAULIC

Company News
March 19, 2019

The March/April edition of German fire service magazine BRANDHEISS features a glowing two-page spread on the LUKAS eDRAULIC rescue tool, called “The Beast.”

The magazine raves about the performance of LUKAS’ tool, which now boasts improved battery life and power compared to the original version, all without the weight and hoses required in traditional hydraulic rescue tools.

Check out the original article in German. 

Alfa Valvole Making Italian Bio-Plastics Facility Happen

Company News
March 6, 2019

Hundreds of valves from Alfa Valvole in Milan are part of an innovative new bio-plastics plant under construction in Bologna, Italy.

The Bio-on plant is in its first phase of construction now. It’s being designed with new technology to use CO2 freely available in the atmosphere as a carbon source to produce 100 percent natural and biodegradable bioplastic.

Bio-on plans to use “carbon dioxide as a zero cost ‘raw material,'” in addition to those already used to produce its polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) biopolymer bioplastic: sugar beet and sugar cane molasses, fruit and potato waste, carbohydrates, glycerol and waste frying oil. PHAs are used in packaging for food, cosmetics and other consumer products.

Alfa Valvole received an initial order for the first phase of the plant and expects subsequent orders for future phases.

The highly specialized valves – with distinct engineering and construction, and special actuators – will be installed in the phase involving the peroxygens bulk storage system. The Alfa Valvole solutions was right for the technical specs and ability to deliver.

To read more and see a video about the Bio-on project, click here.

From left to right :
Marzio Crespi – Application Engineer
Marco Gulifa – Engineering Manager
Gianpaolo Zannin – Business Development Manager
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