Health & Science Technologies

IDEX Health & Science Technologies produces and distributes a wide range of precision fluidics, rotary lobe pumps, centrifugal and positive displacement pumps, roll compaction and drying systems used in beverage, food processing, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics, pneumatic components and sealing solutions, including very high precision, low-flow rate pumping solutions required in analytical instrumentation, clinical diagnostics, and drug discovery, high performance molded and extruded sealing components, biocompatible medical devices and implantables, air compressors used in medical, dental, and industrial applications, optical components and coatings for applications in the fields of scientific research, defense, biotechnology, aerospace, telecommunications, and electronics manufacturing, laboratory and commercial equipment used in the production of micro and nano scale materials, precision photonic solutions used in life sciences, research, and defense markets, and precision gear and peristaltic pump technologies that meet exacting original equipment manufacturer specifications.

Top Markets We Serve

Analytical Instruments

Specialize in the design and manufacturing of critical fluidic and optical components used by global OEM instrument builders for the purpose of chemical analysis. Targeted applications include various chromatography techniques and mass spectrometry sample introduction, as well as various other types of analytical instrumentation. Products include rotary shear valves, degassers, fittings, tubing, detector light sources, optical filters, flow cells, manifolds, column hardware, and pump components.

Automotive (HST)

Producer of metal expander plugs for sealing fluid passageways in internal combustion engines and automotive transmissions and molded rubber gaskets and o-rings used in harsh environment automotive applications.

Food & Pharma

Leading provider of conical milling machines and sifters used in milling and powder size reduction for achieving uniform particle size, distribution and deagglomeration for high-capacity, inline security screening of food ingredients and uniform sizing of wet and dry granulation and granulation sizing for tablet manufacturing, precision pump supplier for use in metering ingredients in the pharmaceutical industry.

Industrial (HST)

Leading producer of miniature gear pumps for continuous inject printing, rotary vane air motors for industrial hoists and lifts, regenerative blowers for pneumatic conveying and vacuum holding, molded o-rings for use in industrial pumps and compressors and flow restrictors used in industrial hydraulic systems.

Life Sciences

Manufacturer of precision extruded and custom molded thermoplastic products, fluid transfer systems and components, high-precision injection moldings, and fluidic and optic instrumentation.

Medical & Dental

Specialty medical device development and manufacturing for implant and instrument applications, as well as machining, molding, extrusion, and assembly capabilities. Expertise in the molding and extruding of high performance, biocompatible materials, such as PEEK and other specialty plastics to meet the emerging medical market needs for products that range from orthopedic implants and ophthalmic tools to diagnostic devices and surgical instruments.

Semiconductor & Electronics (HST)

Producer of optics and opto-mechanical assemblies sold to OEM’s that manufacture inspection systems and metrology systems used in the fabrication of memory chips, integrated circuits, microprocessors, o-rings and seals used in silicon chip fabrication equipment.