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Our Culture of Giving Back

We strive for fairness and opportunity as part of our IDEX Values of Trust, Team, and Excellence. We encourage a spirit of giving that extends beyond our businesses and flows into our communities.

IDEX employees partner with the company to give back in multiple ways. Through IDEX Foundation volunteerism and grants, matching employee contributions to their charities of choice, and direct business unit involvement in communities around the globe, IDEX supports charitable causes that matter.

IDEX Foundation

Founded in 2014, the IDEX Foundation aims to give every employee the opportunity to join volunteer teams that are improving the communities where we live and operate. Backed by millions of dollars of financial support from foundation grants, volunteer teams contribute to efforts aligned with the IDEX Foundation’s charitable pillars:

Since its creation, IDEX Foundation activities have resulted in many thousands of hours of volunteer work around the world and millions of dollars donated to charitable organizations.

Matching Gift Program

Employees can double their financial rewards through the IDEX Matching Gift program. IDEX matches individual charitable donations and/or volunteer hours (“Dollars for Doers”) up to $500 annually per employee.

This allows employees to amplify their giving, targeting donations to approved charities that matter most to them. Dollars for Doers acknowledges that not everyone can make significant financial donations, but they earn IDEX donations by volunteering their time.

Business Unit Donations

Some business units make additional donations to important local causes beyond the IDEX Foundation. In India and China, where the IDEX Foundation cannot legally operate, the company contributes in different ways.
IDEX India built and operates Alindra School for local children near our manufacturing facility in the Vadodara District of Gujarat State. The school focuses on providing a solid education system and ensuring improvements among primary and secondary school students.
In China, IDEX teams have developed local charitable relationships. For example, colleagues in Tianjin support the Tianjin Aixing Zhumeng Public Welfare Service Center for developmentally disabled children.

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