Our Business Segments

IDEX is an applied solutions provider serving niche markets worldwide. Around the world, our businesses are dedicated to providing highly-engineered solutions to solve challenges for our customers’ most important processes. A strong foothold in developed countries has allowed us to make great strides to expand our footprint in emerging markets, where we see tremendous potential for growth across all our segments.

From leak detection within water infrastructure to enabling the push toward personalized medicine, IDEX is a leader in creating enabling technology, and improving business prospects for a diverse customer set across the globe. With operations on five continents, we work with these customers to develop the right applied solutions to meet their specifications.

Business Directory

Fluid & Metering Technologies

Our Fluid & Metering businesses design, produce and distribute some of the most recognized names in positive displacement pumps and flow meters, compressors, injectors, and other fluid-handling pump modules and systems.

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Health & Science Technologies

Precision engineered fluidics is the focus of IDEX Health & Science Technologies, which was formed to support and enable the tremendous growth in analytical instrumentation and the life sciences. Within the fields of health and science, these businesses are leveraging our capabilities in small-scale, highly accurate fluidic components and medical devices, as well as integrated systems and solutions to support the worldwide growth in pharmaceutical drug discovery and new applications in life sciences and diagnostic testing.

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Fire & Safety/Diversified Products

Our Fire & Safety/Diversified Products segment produces firefighting pumps and controls, apparatus valves, monitors, nozzles, rescue tools, lifting bags, and other components and systems for the fire and rescue industry, engineered stainless steel banding and clamping devices used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications, and precision equipment for dispensing, metering, and mixing colorants and paints used in a variety of retail and commercial businesses around the world.

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Markets We Serve


Mission-critical fastening solution and software and hardware for streamlining, safety and enhancement of aviation fuel and data management systems.


Leading provider of special-purpose, severe-duty pumps, valves, fittings and systems used in liquid handling.

Analytical Instruments

Specialize in the design and manufacturing of critical fluidic and optical components used by global OEM instrument builders for the purpose of chemical analysis. Targeted applications include various chromatography techniques and mass spectrometry sample introduction, as well as various other types of analytical instrumentation. Products include rotary shear valves, degassers, fittings, tubing, detector light sources, optical filters, flow cells, manifolds, column hardware, and pump components.


Manufacturer of high, heat-resistant fastening solutions for critical automotive components, software and hardware for fleet fuel and load data management systems, custom elastomer parts and products including gaskets and O-rings for sealing solutions, precision pump supplier for injecting fuel additives in the automotive industry.

Chemical Processing

A producer of fluoroplastic-lined corrosion-resistant magnetic drive and mechanical seal pumps, shut-off, control and safety valves for corrosive, hazardous, contaminated, pure and high-purity fluids, as well as rotary internal gear, external gear, vane and rotary lobe pumps, custom-engineered OEM pumps, strainers, gear reducers and engineered pump systems.


Producer of precision equipment for dispensing, metering and mixing colorants and paints used in a variety of retail and commercial businesses around the world. The businesses within our dispensing market are global suppliers of precision-designed tinting, mixing, dispensing and measuring equipment for architectural paints. Dispensing products are used in retail and commercial stores, hardware stores, home centers, department stores, and point-of-purchase dispensers.


Leading supplier of flow meters, electronic registration and control products, rotary vane and turbine pumps, reciprocating piston compressors, and terminal automation control systems.

Food & Pharma

Leading provider of conical milling machines and sifters used in milling and powder size reduction for achieving uniform particle size, distribution and deagglomeration for high-capacity, inline security screening of food ingredients and uniform sizing of wet and dry granulation and granulation sizing for tablet manufacturing, precision pump supplier for use in metering ingredients in the pharmaceutical industry.


Leading producer of miniature gear pumps for continuous inkjet printing, rotary vane air motors for industrial hoists and lifts, air operated double diaphragm pumps for bulk liquid transfer, regenerative blowers for pneumatic conveying and vacuum holding, and gear pumps for the application of fluids used in asphalt paving, roofing products and polyurethane foam production.

Life Sciences

Manufacturer of precision extruded and custom molded thermoplastic products, fluid transfer systems and components, high-precision injection moldings, and fluidic and optic instrumentation.

Medical & Dental

Specialty medical device development and manufacturing for implant and instrument applications, as well as machining, molding, extrusion, and assembly capabilities. Expertise in the molding and extruding of high performance, biocompatible materials, such as PEEK and other specialty plastics to meet the emerging medical market needs for products that range from orthopedic implants and ophthalmic tools to diagnostic devices and surgical instruments.

Military & Defense

Producer of high quality optics and shutters sold to OEM’s making products used in border surveillance, advanced targeting systems, and IR countermeasures systems.


Specializing in water flow and water distribution solutions for our customers and fire truck OEM´s, these business produce a wide variety of water pumps from portable pumps up to high flow midship pumps in mechanical as well as electronic controlled versions, water guns (monitors), and nozzles for efficient water distribution. Other specialties include electronic bus systems for all numerous controls such as engine rpm, water-flow, pressure, and water tank indicators for fast and reliable operation. Rescue tools include e-Draulic technology based on electric engines, combined with battery technology for the fastest and most powerful rescue of people trapped in crashed vehicles. Our municipal businesses serve the global fire market out of nine plants based in Europe, USA, China and India.


Our rescue businesses produce hydraulic, battery, gas, and electric-operated rescue equipment, hydraulic re-railing equipment, hydraulic tools for industrial applications, recycling cutters, pneumatic lifting and sealing bags for vehicle and aircraft rescue, environmental protection and disaster control, and shoring equipment for vehicular or structural collapse. Customers are primarily public and private fire and rescue organizations.

Semiconductor & Electronics

Producer of optics and opto-mechanical assemblies sold to OEM’s that manufacture inspection systems and metrology systems used in the fabrication of memory chips, integrated circuits and microprocessors.

Water & Wastewater

Leading provider of metering technology, flow monitoring products and underground surveillance services for wastewater markets, alloy and non-metallic gear pumps, peristaltic pumps, transfer pumps, as well as dispensing equipment for industrial laundries, commercial dishwashing, and chemical metering.