Fire & Safety/Diversified Products

Fire & Safety

Our IDEX Fire & Safety businesses are a group of diverse, specialty manufacturers of highly-engineered solutions that solve mission critical problems within fire & safety, fire suppression, rescue, and municipal markets. These businesses are committed to customer satisfaction, and shows that commitment through a broad portfolio of innovative, quality products, and services.

Trusted and recognized worldwide, IDEX Fire & Safety’s leading brands are: Akron Brass, AWG, Class 1, Dinglee, Hale, Hurst Jaws of Life®, Godiva, LUKAS, Vetter, and Weldon. Product offerings include: truck-mounted fire pumps, valves, monitors and controls, nozzles, lighting, appliances, and rescue and recovery tools.

These collaborative, cross-functional businesses and teams come together to provide comprehensive solutions to help solve mission-critical problems, save lives and better the world in which we live.


Our Diversified businesses design and manufacture band clamping systems used worldwide in severe-duty applications including sub-sea marine, electrical cable shielding, and industrial hose fittings. Our dispensing businesses innovate and design custom engineered solutions for precision dispensing, metering and mixing of liquids across a broad range of colorants, ingredients, paints, inks, chemicals and dyes. These solutions are found in the paints and coatings, and food and beverage industries around the world.

Top Markets We Serve


Manufacturer of high, heat-resistant fastening solutions for critical automotive components, software and hardware for fleet fuel and load data management systems, custom elastomer parts and products including gaskets and O-rings for sealing solutions, precision pump supplier for injecting fuel additives in the automotive industry.


Producer of precision equipment for dispensing, metering and mixing colorants and paints used in a variety of retail and commercial businesses around the world. The businesses within our dispensing market are global suppliers of precision-designed tinting, mixing, dispensing and measuring equipment for architectural paints. Dispensing products are used in retail and commercial stores, hardware stores, home centers, department stores, and point-of-purchase dispensers.

Fire Suppression

Our fire suppression businesses manufacture truck-mounted and portable fire pumps, stainless steel valves, foam and compressed air foam systems, pump modules and pump kits, electronic controls and information systems, conventional and networked electrical systems, and mechanical components for the fire, rescue and specialty vehicle markets.


Specializing in water flow and water distribution solutions for our customers and fire truck OEM´s, these business produce a wide variety of water pumps from portable pumps up to high flow midship pumps in mechanical as well as electronic controlled versions, water guns (monitors), and nozzles for efficient water distribution. Other specialties include electronic bus systems for all numerous controls such as engine rpm, water-flow, pressure, and water tank indicators for fast and reliable operation. Rescue tools include e-Draulic technology based on electric engines, combined with battery technology for the fastest and most powerful rescue of people trapped in crashed vehicles. Our municipal businesses serve the global fire market out of nine plants based in Europe, USA, China and India.


Our rescue businesses produce hydraulic, battery, gas, and electric-operated rescue equipment, hydraulic re-railing equipment, hydraulic tools for industrial applications, recycling cutters, pneumatic lifting and sealing bags for vehicle and aircraft rescue, environmental protection and disaster control, and shoring equipment for vehicular or structural collapse. Customers are primarily public and private fire and rescue organizations.