IDEX Employees Volunteer at Chicago Boys & Girls Club

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November 29, 2018

Employees from the Lake Forest and Downtown Corporate offices volunteered to serve Thanksgiving dinner at The Chicago Boys & Girls Club last week.

The Chicago Boys & Girls Club, located near North Side Chicago, hosts over 300 students and their families for a free meal every year. Twenty-three IDEX Employees from Finance, Human Resources and Legal departments helped set-up, serve, and clean up the event, while also providing desserts for attendees.

In addition to volunteering at the dinner, the IDEX Foundation donated $5,000 to support additional programming throughout the rest of the year. IDEX plans to continue working with the Chicago Boys & Girls Club, and has done so for the past five years.


New Liquid Controls Video Series Honors Fuelers

Company News
November 27, 2018

Liquid Controls (LC) recently expanded its LC Salutes series to include new videos honoring career fuelers, drivers, and ground support agents who use LC products on a daily basis and have dedicated their careers to safe, on-time fueling, rain or shine.

LC develops products that solve mission critical problems for customers in the oil and gas custody transfer business. Industries like LPG, home heating oils, refined fuels and commercial and military aviation depend on Liquid Controls to safely sense, measure and move high value fluids and fuels.

LC Salutes honors the hard-working men and women in the fueling industry, recognizing them as real people with real lives who make strong personal commitments to their jobs and the customers they serve while keeping the world fueled.  

To see the documentaries and learn more about LC Salutes, visit:

Or visit the LC Salutes playlist on YouTube:

VIDEO: IDEX Health & Science Grand Opening

Company News
November 15, 2018

New York Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul joined IDEX Chairman and CEO Andy Silvernail and other leaders for the official opening of the IDEX Health & Science Center of Excellence in Rochester, NY, on Monday, November 12.

The new 100,000-square-foot facility brings together IDEX Life Science Optics, Scientific Fluidics and Optical Technologies businesses, creating a highly differentiated platform to better serve the life science, semiconductor and defense markets.

The new Center of Excellence includes IDEX Health & Science’s Semrock and Melles Griot Rochester – which specializes in optical filters, lenses, shutters, and optical assemblies – as well as the manufacturing operations of its Melles Griot Carlsbad, CA business – which specializes in laser light sources and integrated optical systems.

Melles Griot has already moved into the facility. Semrock is scheduled to move in next year.

Check out this short video of the festivities.

European Women’s Network Sets Sights on Growth

Company News
November 13, 2018

Champions of the European Women’s Network (EWN) descended upon Matcon in Worchester, England, on Nov. 6 to discuss the achievements, challenges and hopes for the network in 2019, along with inclusion and diversity in general.

Helping women to achieve excellence and reach their full potential is a key objective of the EWN, which enables European women to connect with colleagues at all levels of seniority.  Members of EWN include Anita Sogi, Eric Streets, Vice President of Inclusion and Diversity Christal Morris, Siobhan Wood, Kathryn Perry, Lindsey Smithson, and Chief Human Resources Officer Jeff Bucklew.

The Network proudly facilitates discussion between colleagues from a variety of backgrounds and business units, many of whom would not normally encounter each other through their usual duties.  Promoting equal opportunities for and challenging unconscious bias against all minorities (not just women) are some of the ways the EWN contributes to the Inclusion & Diversity conversation at IDEX.

The fledgling group of volunteers has achieved some great things since its inception, such as receiving over 600 pledges on International Women’s Day 2018 to #PressforProgress (beating the 2017 record of 250!) and creating and maintaining an active Yammer group.

Following up on this success, EWN is now looking to develop the group further, with a focus in 2019 on exploring a mentoring plan and expanding membership.

The group is now seeking new members from all walks of life.  Membership is not limited to women; EWN already has some men!  We only ask that members have an interest in fostering an inclusive environment for all employees, including minorities.

Emerging Market Leadership Workshop Held in Shanghai

Company News
November 9, 2018

More than two dozen IDEX leaders from China and India gathered last week at our manufacturing facility in Suzhou, near Shanghai, to participate in Emerging Markets Leadership Workshop. This was the third week of a nine-month training experience led by IDEX leaders.

“I was so impressed with the level of talent assembled in Suzhou last week,” said Mark Bishop, who leads the IDEX Academy as Director of Talent Development. “By providing new tools and openly sharing our unique perspectives, everyone was able to refine their thinking building great teams to expand IDEX’s growth and prosperity throughout India and China.”

The Emerging Markets Leadership workshop was led in partnership with IDEX Academy team, with the goal of continuing to develop this outstanding team. 

IDEX Collegiate Talent Selection Process Attracts Increased Interest

Company News
November 7, 2018

IDEX welcomed 40 high-caliber collegiate candidates to its headquarters in Lake Forest, IL, this week as part of our investment in building a diverse IDEX talent pipeline across engineering, supply chain, finance and human resources.   

Many of this year’s candidates are referrals from the inaugural cohort, which speaks highly of their experiences across IDEX, which is committed to building diverse, cross-functional talent.

The program is designed to attract and grow graduates in roles with significantly increased responsibility. May 2019 will represent the second collegiate cohort. Candidates selected will receive opportunities ranging from summer internships to rotational full-time opportunities at IDEX businesses around the country.

Candidates traveled from universities nationwide including Iowa State, Dartmouth, University of Texas, Western Michigan, Ohio State, University of Illinois, University of Minnesota and more to meet with IDEX executives who tested their decision-making, collaboration and team-building skills. During the event, candidates also participated in problem solving simulations and had the opportunity to speak one-on-one with IDEX leaders from across the country. 

IDEX Fire & Safety Tech Receives Trade Press Kudos

Company News
November 2, 2018

Of eight top emerging fire service technologies highlighted by Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment magazine in October, half are made possible by IDEX Fire & Safety companies.  The article is recognition of the significant innovations our companies are making to bring new solutions to fire service customers.

Featured first, the CaptiumTM connected vehicle platform brings controls from electronics across the fire truck together into a single system. Working with Microsoft, our developers also created an application so fire truck data is captured in the cloud, where it can be later analyzed using a specialized dashboard.

“We developed a new piece of hardware to be the backbone of the system, essentially the central brain for all the different vehicle networks, like the pumps, valves, pressure governor, engine, and multiplex network, which all plug into the brain,” IDEX Marketing Manager Jeffrey Zook told the magazine.

The article also features AXIS Smart Truck Technology, which is built on the Captium platform and engineered specifically for REV Fire and several of their fire apparatus brands.

Another technology enabled by Captium is HAAS Alert, which sends alerts to users of the Waze app, alerting them that emergency equipment is on the scene nearby or approaching on the road.

The article also features Phantom Controls’ Scene Apparatus Manager (SAM), a fully-automated fire pump system operated by a touch screen on an emergency vehicle or from a tablet. Phantom Controls is a unit of IDEX Fire & Safety.

“SAM is connected to the same electronic network that has always been on fire trucks, talks to this network, and makes the same changes a real person would if they were standing at the pump panel,” Phantom Control’s Business Line Leader Jason Cerrano told the magazine.

Check out the article here:

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