IDEX Fire & Safety Tech Receives Trade Press Kudos

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November 2, 2018

Of eight top emerging fire service technologies highlighted by Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment magazine in October, half are made possible by IDEX Fire & Safety companies.  The article is recognition of the significant innovations our companies are making to bring new solutions to fire service customers.

Featured first, the CaptiumTM connected vehicle platform brings controls from electronics across the fire truck together into a single system. Working with Microsoft, our developers also created an application so fire truck data is captured in the cloud, where it can be later analyzed using a specialized dashboard.

“We developed a new piece of hardware to be the backbone of the system, essentially the central brain for all the different vehicle networks, like the pumps, valves, pressure governor, engine, and multiplex network, which all plug into the brain,” IDEX Marketing Manager Jeffrey Zook told the magazine.

The article also features AXIS Smart Truck Technology, which is built on the Captium platform and engineered specifically for REV Fire and several of their fire apparatus brands.

Another technology enabled by Captium is HAAS Alert, which sends alerts to users of the Waze app, alerting them that emergency equipment is on the scene nearby or approaching on the road.

The article also features Phantom Controls’ Scene Apparatus Manager (SAM), a fully-automated fire pump system operated by a touch screen on an emergency vehicle or from a tablet. Phantom Controls is a unit of IDEX Fire & Safety.

“SAM is connected to the same electronic network that has always been on fire trucks, talks to this network, and makes the same changes a real person would if they were standing at the pump panel,” Phantom Control’s Business Line Leader Jason Cerrano told the magazine.

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