IDEX Unveils New Portable Disinfectant Spraying System

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May 12, 2020

As more businesses begin to reopen, fire departments will be faced with challenges to prevent the spread COVID-19 in their facilities and on their equipment.  To aid fire departments, first responders, and businesses, IDEX Fire & Safety recently developed a portable system that, when paired with EPA-approved disinfectants*, combats the spread of COVID-19 (SARS-CoV- 2).

With the stay-at-home order in effect, Hale employees in Florida, and Akron Brass employees in Ohio collaborated through regular conference calls and sent parts to an IDEX engineer to test components in their garage.

The result, is a durable, CDC-compliant, low-cost disinfectant system with a small electric chemical pump, hose, nozzle, and wand to deliver disinfectants in targeted areas.

Its compact size makes it ideal for use in fire apparatus, ambulances, law enforcement vehiclesand field hospitals, and the compact size makes it convenient for tight storage spaces.

Focused on aiding their customers, IDEX Fire & Safety businesses worked together remotely to drive the sprayer from concept to production in just five weeks.

“It has been remarkably challenging, but we hope this product will help build confidence in our first responders by providing a safe way to disinfect their equipment,” said Alyson McWherter, Director of Business Optimization at IDEX Fire & Safety.

Additional features include:

  • ​​Piston-style pump
  • ​Self-contained, stand-alone system
  • ​Wheeled cart
  • ​Sprayer tank capacity of up to 5-gallons
  • ​Trigger control Sprayer wand
  • ​Three nozzles with different spray flow rates



In This Fight Together

Company News
May 8, 2020

As we battle COVID-19, ​IDEX Team members continue to come together to support one another during these challenging times.

To capture some words of appreciation and encouragement from team members, we produced a video of employees thanking one another across the globe.

Finger Lakes, IH&S Release Camera to Detect Space Debris

Company News
May 7, 2020

​IDEX Health & Science (IH&S) recently announced the release of its Finger Lakes Instrumentation (FLI) Kepler KL6060 Scientific CMOS (sCMOS) camera for Space Debris Detection and Space Situational Awareness applications.

The KL6060 is a large format 37.7-megapixel cooled sCMOS camera that allows companies to detect, track, and identify objects in orbit, ensuring their satellites are not disrupted or damaged.

The camera is can take images of up to 19 frames per second using the optional QSFP fiber interface, and is available with a high-QE back illuminated sensor or with a cost effective front illuminated sensor.

The KL6060 delivers a high dynamic range 16-bit image using FLI’s proprietary algorithms to ensure an exceptionally linear image.

“This new large format camera is an affordable game-changing solution for Space Debris Detection and Space Situational Awareness applications and is ideal for universities or dedicated amateurs who want to image wide field of views at high frame rates”, said Gregory Terrance Site Leader for IH&S’ FLI Camera Products.

Acquired by IDEX Health & Science in July 2018, Finger Lakes Instrumentation is a technology leader in the design, development and production of low noise cooled CCD and high-speed, high-sensitivity cooled sCMOS cameras for the astronomy and life science markets since 1998. Today Finger Lakes Instrumentation cameras are used in more than 50 countries for astronomical research, life science imaging, veterinary radiology, forensics, transmission electron microscopy, and a wide range of other applications. Additional products and capabilities include focusers, filter wheels, software development and mechanical engineering. For more information visit:


(Image Above: The Melotte 15​ Nebula taken with an FLI Kepler KL4040 camera.​)

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