Vetter Solutions Reduces Fire Risk from Burned E-Vehicles

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February 7, 2024

When electric vehicles catch fire, the aftermath can pose a significant risk for firefighters and towing services. After it appears the fire is extinguished, lithium-ion batteries can reignite. When safely removing a vehicle, it is important to first cool the batteries. But how?

Recognizing this risk and the need for a solution, our colleagues at Vetter in Zulpich, Germany, developed the Vetter E-Vehicle Isolation System (EIS).

Here’s how it works…

Packing Up the Vehicle

After extinguishing the fire, the electric vehicle is raised with lift pads, supporting materials or a crane, and the EIS is positioned under the vehicle. The electric vehicle is lowered and the lifting straps, which will be required for lifting it later, are fitted.

Various lashing straps are now used to attach the EIS to the vehicle. The straps ensure that the tarpaulin is fitted securely and is adjusted to the contours of the vehicle. This reduces the water consumption to a minimum.

Flooding & Cooling the Battery

The water supply is then connected to the upper hose connection and the water level gauge to the lower connection. Then the EIS is flooded until the vehicle’s battery unit is under water. The water level gauge provides information about the water level in the EIS. After the car has been filled sufficiently, the water supply is turned off.

Transporting & Storing the Vehicle

After reaching the storage site, the electric vehicle, wrapped up in the EIS system, can be stored in the open air or in a hall with an appropriate ventilation system. The EIS filled with water should be stored for at least 72 hours to prevent the lithium-ion batteries from self-igniting. With the help of the intelligent water level gauge, it is possible to check the current water level at any time and top up the water if necessary.

Storing & Reusing the EIS

The EIS can be used multiple times. After it has been checked and cleaned, it can simply be folded up and stowed away in the emergency vehicle. When the fire brigade or towing services are once more called out to a fire, the E-Vehicle Isolation System is ready for use again.

“Pump Report” YouTube Series Entertains While Teaching Core Pumping Concepts

Company News
February 7, 2024

Interested in understanding more about how pumps work? Our IDEX colleague Chad Wunderlich is your guy.

An engineer who manages distributor development at Viking Pump, Chad has been part of teaching in-person “Pump School” sessions and producing educational videos for years from their headquarters in Iowa (USA).

In Viking’s older videos, you’d typically only see Chad’s hands. That changed a couple of years ago, when Digital Media Manager Joe Barloon suggested positioning Chad on camera as a presenter. And so, the “Pump Report” was born on YouTube.

While some inquiries from the videos have led directly to sales, the approach is more about brand building. Chad explains to viewers in simple terms how different kinds of pumps work, including Rotary Lobe, Vane, Circumferential Piston Pump, Internal Gear and External Gear pumps. And he explains concepts, like how to calculate flow rate.

“You never know what’s going to be a hit,” Chad said.

Some of their most popular videos include:

The videos have also helped new employees learn about the company during the application and on-boarding process. Even students will watch and reference their videos when researching science projects, with the Viking Pump videos appearing first in many common pump related video searches.

“People will watch a three-minute video more than they’ll read a three-page script,” Chad said.

With pumps of myriad sizes and specifications central to so many IDEX products, consider learning a little about these concepts, regardless of your role. You can check out the entire playlist of Viking Pump videos on YouTube.

New IDEX Fire & Safety Partnership Sparks Hilariously Creative Marketing Campaign

Company News
February 7, 2024

You might not equate emergency response with comedy. But a series of Instagram and LinkedIn videos featuring IDEX Fire & Safety (F&S) products has tens of thousands of followers busting out laughing.  

F&S recently established a partnership with veteran-owned coffee shop Fire Department Coffee, a longtime champion of first responders, firefighters and veterans.  

The Illinois-based coffee shop showcases IDEX F&S products in fun, comedic skits on their large social media channels. Their videos feature products such as the SAM Smart Nozzle and HURST Jaws of Life Cutters. 

Snapshot of Instagram Post

While Fire Dept. Coffee is committed to first responders; they are also dedicated to creating great tasting coffee. They created Hale and HURST-themed coffee flavors, Midnight Rescue and the SAM BOOST, acknowledging IDEX F&S as essential to communities globally.  

More recently, veterans of the armed forces at IDEX F&S received goodie bags from the shop with ground coffee, swag and a special message for Veterans’ Day. 

IDEX Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2023 Results

News Release
February 6, 2024

Fourth Quarter Highlights
(All comparisons against the fourth quarter of 2022 unless otherwise noted)

  • Sales of $789 million, down 3% overall and 6% organically
  • Reported diluted EPS of $1.43, down 16%; adjusted diluted EPS of $1.83, down 9%
  • Strong operating cash flow of $201 million, up 20%; free cash flow of $179 million, up 22%
  • Completed acquisition of STC Material Solutions on December 14, 2023 for $202 million

Full Year Highlights
(All comparisons against full year 2022 unless otherwise noted)

  • Record reported sales of $3.3 billion, up 3% overall and down 1% organically
  • Record reported diluted EPS of $7.85, up 2%; record adjusted diluted EPS of $8.22, up 1%
  • Record operating cash flow of $717 million, up 29%; record free cash flow of $627 million, up 28%
  • Invested approximately $425 million for acquisitions, capital projects and share repurchases

NORTHBROOK, IL, FEBRUARY 6, 2024 – IDEX Corporation (NYSE: IEX) today announced its
financial results for the quarter and year ended December 31, 2023.

“IDEX businesses weathered an unprecedented year of global recalibration, which played out differently
across our segments. Our team’s agility and core execution capabilities, combined with the quality of our
underlying assets, enabled us to deliver strong results in a challenging environment,” said Eric D.
Ashleman, IDEX Corporation Chief Executive Officer and President.

“Now, the majority of our end markets are stable, supporting the early stages of focused organic growth
to drive our next chapter of outperformance. However, the timing of market recovery within our Life
Sciences and Analytical Instrumentation businesses remains uncertain, moderating our overall full year
growth outlook.”

“We continue to aggressively pursue inorganic opportunities within advantaged, fast-growing markets, as
demonstrated by our purchase of STC Material Solutions in December. Our funnel of potential
acquisitions is strong and our efforts are well supported by ample capacity on our balance sheet.”

2024 Outlook
Full year 2024 organic sales growth is projected to be 0% to 2% over the prior year, with GAAP diluted
EPS of $7.15 to $7.45 (adjusted diluted EPS of $8.15 to $8.45).
First quarter 2024 organic sales are projected to decline 6% to 7% from the prior year period, with GAAP
diluted EPS of $1.45 to $1.50 (adjusted diluted EPS of $1.70 to $1.75).

View the full report:

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