IDEX Corporate Receives Lucy Rider Meyer Humanitarian Award for Corporate Leadership

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November 30, 2021

The IDEX Team in Northbrook, Illinois, received an award from Kids Above All’s Board of Trustees and Staff at an annual Gala event this month.

The Lucy Rider Meyer Humanitarian Award, which is named after the organization’s founder, recognizes the accomplishments of key local, national and international leaders, organizations, and corporations who enhance the ability of children and their families to achieve their potential, help youth heal from past trauma, realize their value, and enable families to achieve a sense of social, emotional, and physical well-being.

“IDEX proudly supports Kids Above All and its work to help Chicago kids who have experienced trauma, including providing housing assistance, therapy resources and technology enhancements,” IDEX Chief Financial Officer Bill Grogan said. “We look forward to expanding our involvement, especially as opportunities for in-person volunteerism become possible again.”

IDEX Corporate began partnering with the KAA in 2020. Partnering with the IDEX Foundation, the team donated $55,000 USD for Technology, Housing, and Group Therapy for at-risk youth in the Chicagoland community. The team is preparing to begin the annual holiday gift drive to help more children near the Headquarters.

“In the past two years, IDEX has made a difference for nearly client and staff member at Kids Above All, supporting the organization’s diversity, equity, inclusion and access efforts and our Early Childhood, Emerge, Group Homes and Camp Sheilah programs, as well as providing gifts for our kids during the holidays and hygiene kits for our young people in foster care,” the Kids Above All award states. “IDEX’s leadership truly reflects the spirit of our founder, Lucy Rider Meyer, who dedicated her life to ensuring that children achieve their full potential, and we cannot you enough for your dedication to our mission.”

Watch the acceptance video below with IDEX Chief Financial Officer Bill Grogan to learn more about the partnership.

IDEX Corporation to Acquire Nexsight, Expanding Solutions Expertise for Wastewater Systems

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November 23, 2021

IDEX Corporation (NYSE:IEX) today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Nexsight, LLC and its market leading businesses – Envirosight, WinCan, MyTana and Pipeline Renewal Technologies (PRT) – for cash consideration of $120 million, subject to customary post-closing adjustments.

The acquisition will complement and bolster existing IDEX business units iPEK and ADS, which design and create sewer crawlers, inspection and monitoring systems, and software applications that allow teams to identify, anticipate and correct wastewater system issues remotely.

Through the Nexsight acquisition, IDEX will expand to include iPEK’s key North American channel partner and its leading wastewater video inspection software platform, which we foresee helping to broaden the capabilities of ADS’s cloud-based wastewater system monitoring and predictive analytics platform.

“Acquiring Nexsight will broaden our expertise in the inspection and monitoring of wastewater infrastructure,” IDEX Chief Executive Officer and President Eric Ashleman said. “We intend to continue growing our presence in intelligent water technologies, where we can help predict and identify wastewater system issues early, preventing them from causing property damage, harming the environment and impacting public health.”

“IDEX continues to actively seek and analyze opportunities to deploy capital and acquire IDEX-like businesses, as well as make calculated bets in new technologies to support growth, strengthen our portfolio and enhance our return to shareholders,” Ashleman said.

With annual sales of approximately $50 million, Nexsight will join the water group within IDEX’s Fluid & Metering Technology segment. The transaction is expected to close in the first quarter of 2021, subject to regulatory approvals and customary closing conditions.

Advanced Thin Films, I-AMP Capstone Provide Furniture for Boulder Bridge House

Company News
November 18, 2021

IDEX’s Accelerating Management Potential (I-AMP), recently partnered with Advanced Thin Films (ATF) to provide new furniture for the Boulder Bridge House Ready to Work (RTW) facility in Colorado.

The I-AMP cohort capstone team, led by Clarissa Bradfield, Dalton Geraldo, Rachel Otte, and Wafa Yakhlif, planned and organized a two-day event to build replacement furniture for RTW, but only needed a day to complete the project.

At the event, 24 employees from ATF helped unpack and prepare more than 40 dressers and nightstands for members of the RTW facility!

“It was amazing to watch ATF employees use teamwork to provide new furniture for BBH. Witnessing the residents fill dressers and nightstands with their belongings and smiles on their faces, was an amazing experience,” said Mary Zsigmond, Inside Sales Supervisor at ATF.

Ready to Work is a “work-first” approach to addressing homelessness. Ready to Work offers 1 year of housing, employment, support for adults experiencing homelessness and is the only holistic model in Colorado focused on addressing homelessness through social enterprise.

Ready to Work operates in 2 communities in Metro Denver. After 7 years in Boulder, Bridge House replicated the model in Aurora, CO, which expands its presence from a capacity of 44 in Boulder to 94 in the region.

Glassdoor Ranks IDEX Among Top 1% of Industrial Manufacturing Companies

Company News
November 17, 2021

IDEX Corporation ranks among the top 1 percent of all Industrial Manufacturing employers, according to anonymous reviewers on Glassdoor, the review site for jobs and companies.

“The dedication our IDEX teams have shown to advancing our culture, making our company a place where people can do and be their best is clearly visibly when reading reviews and seeing what employees past and present say about us on Glassdoor,” IDEX Chief Human Resources Officer Melissa Flores said. “We’re thrilled to have our culture shine through in this way.”

Click here to look at IDEX’s Glassdoor page.


Viking Pumps Used in 1941 Icebreaker Ship

Company News
November 16, 2021

Viking Pumps have been used for decades on marine vessels and aircraft across the globe. Recognized as a trusted leader and innovator, Viking’s durable pumps built many years ago are still used on some ships today.

While on a trip with family to Michigan, a Viking Pump colleague visited the USCGC Mackinaw Icebreaker. After returning to the office, she was curious and discovered that nine Viking pumps were installed on the ship in 1941. The pumps ranged in function from diesel fuel transfer and lube oil transfer, to pressure lubrication.

“When I stepped foot on the deck of the Icebreaker, my intuition told me I was standing on a piece of treasured history, not just from World War II, but also from Viking Pump,” Marketing Coordinator Robyn Watson said.

After returning to the office, Robyn partnered with another team member and quickly located the 1945 Spring edition of the “Viking Vacuum” publication. Take a look at an excerpt from the publication below:

Figure 1- Excerpt from the Spring 1945 edition of Viking Vacuum.

Ten days after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States Congress approved the construction of the Mackinaw, to help forge paths for transport ships and break up thick ice that formed on the Great Lakes during frigid winter months. This allowed iron ore, limestone, and coal to be transported, keeping vital war materials in production.

Figure 2- A ZHLH vertical Viking pump unit for pressure lubrication of propeller bearings

Displayed to the right is a ZHLH pump – a pump so old that nobody at Viking Pump has even heard of it. There were six of these pumps aboard the Mackinaw for pressure lubrication of the propeller bearings. The propellers played a critical role in the breaking of large sheets of ice.

According to an Ice Breaker Mackinaw fact sheet, “The Mackinaw’s innovative 12’ bow propeller – weighing 7.2 tons – draws water from under the ice causing it to weaken and sag under its own weight and then, when crushed by the force and the weight of the ship, sends it streaming along both sides of the ship reducing friction.”

With the propellers’ significant role in breaking ice and maintaining a clear path across the lakes, keeping bearings lubricated was of upmost importance.


Displayed below are the AJ281 lube oil transfer pump (Left) and the model LQ281 unit (right), which were both used for the engine of the ship. Lube oil is key in heat control, contamination control, rust prevention, and energy transfer.

Due to the size of the engine, fuel and lubricant were essential in keeping the ship going. These mission-critical roles were entrusted to Viking pumps.

Figure 3 (left)- AJ281 Viking Lube Oil Transfer pump unit with steel casing and head, and Bronze interior parts Figure 4 (right)- Model LQ281 all bronze Diesel fuel transfer unit.

Weighing in at over 5,200 tons with a length of 290 feet, the Mackinaw worked faithfully for 62 years before retiring in 2006. Since then, it’s been converted to a museum.

To learn of other interesting places where Viking Pumps are being used, click here. 

[1] Icebreaker Mackinaw Maritime Museum History (
The Ice Breaker Mackinaw Maritime Museum docked in Mackinaw City, MI

IDEX India Completes Installation of Solar Panels

Company News
November 2, 2021

Sunlight is now providing more than 10 percent of the electricity needs at the IDEX facility in Vadodara, India, after a successful installation of rooftop solar panels last month.​​​​​​​

Team members recently celebrated the install with a blessing of the control panel, which included decorating it with marigold flowers. Marigold flowers are often used in Indian culture because they represent the sun, symbolizing brightness, and positive energy.

The roof of the Gurukul & Canteen facility includes 248 photovoltaic (PV) solar panels that can generate 400 KWh every day. It’s estimated the solar array will save the facility in Vadodara more than $16,000 USD in the first year alone.

“Our Continuous focus to save energy and improve the environment helped us to install a 100kW solar farm and reduce our carbon footprint. This small step reduces the use of non-renewable energy by 12%,” said Senior Engineer, Jignesh Varmora.

Team members involved in the project also include Facility Manager, Vijay Patel and Environmental, Health & Safety Leader, Tithi Shah.


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