IDEX Health & Science ships 5 millionth Semrock® optical filter as demand increases due to COVID-19

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April 27, 2020

IDEX Health & Science (IH&S) recently announced it has reached a major milestone, shipping its 5 millionth Semrock optical filter. IH&S design and process control of Semrock optical filters provides the life science market with an important and robust component that has become widely accepted as the industry standard. More recently, Semrock optical filters have played a role in detecting (through PCR instruments) and monitoring (through sequencing instruments) the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 resulting in a significant increase in demand.

Used to discriminate wavelengths of light, Semrock optical filters drive sensitivity of detection of fluorescent-labeled molecules. In life science applications like super-resolution microscopy, DNA sequencing, and hyperspectral imaging, the instrument interrogates the sample on a photon by photon basis and depends on the Semrock optical filter to precisely block or pass specific wavelengths of light. This is achieved by highly controlled molecular deposition methods and integrated design algorithms.

Founded in 2000, Semrock Inc. became a unit of IDEX Health & Science in 2015. The Semrock filter line is manufactured in the IH&S state-of-the-art facility in Rochester, New York. This manufacturing, research, and development center of excellence enables scalable growth for IDEX Health & Science’s optical components, sub-systems, and filters business lines. All Semrock optical filters are made with hard-coated sputtered thin-film coatings. Patented products include the BrightLine® fluorescence filters, RazorEdge® Raman spectroscopy filters, StopLine® notch filters, VersaChrome® tunable filters, Polarization bandpass filters, and PulseLine™ femtosecond optics.

“Supplying 5 million optical filters is a great achievement for our organization” said Joe Rytell, President of IDEX Health & Science. “But what’s most impressive is the role IH&S has played in supporting our customers whose instruments are being used 24/7 in the fight against this pandemic. I could not be more proud of our employees as they deliver on our mission and take care of each other during these extraordinary times. IH&S gives thanks to all its customers and key suppliers for helping to make this remarkable milestone possible during these challenging times.”


About IDEX Health & Science, LLC

IDEX Health & Science, LLC is the global leader in life science fluidics, microfluidics, and optics, offering a three-fold advantage to customers by bringing optofluidic paths to life with strategic partnerships, solutions, and expertise. As one of the few companies in the world with component, sub-system, and application level experts, IDEX Health & Science helps instrument developers solve the most demanding fluidic and optical challenges in a wide array of applications. At IDEX Health & Science we believe partnership will change the way the world innovates, leading to new technologies that improve our health, protect our planet, and enrich our lives. For more information visit:  and at

IDEX Reports First Quarter Results

News Release
April 23, 2020

LAKE FOREST, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Apr. 23, 2020– IDEX Corporation (NYSE: IEX) today announced its financial results for the three month period ended March 31, 2020.

First Quarter 2020 Highlights

  • Gross margin was 45.7 percent, up 10 bps
  • Increased backlog by $50 million
  • Completed the acquisition of Flow Management Devices, LLC on February 28, 2020

View full report at:

Toptech Wins Award for Terminal Optimization

Company News
April 13, 2020

Toptech Systems, which manufactures presets and automation software for the oil industry, won the 2020 Global Tank Storage Award for Terminal Optimization in Rotterdam, Netherlands last month.

The award goes to a company with software, services, or models that succeed in optimizing, streamlining or improving storage terminals.

With the recent addition of the TMS6 Flex, and TMS7 terminal management systems, Toptech team members have developed technologies to help customers keep track of how much oil has been loaded, what’s been offloaded, and what drivers are authorized to load.

Toptech also manufactures hardware for the driver interface, and hosts software for analytics, fuel allocations, customer onboarding and data management.

“For over 30 years Toptech has focused on providing reliable, efficient and innovative solutions for terminal management by working side by side with our customers, driven to improve and optimize their operations,” said Annelies Godefroit, Business Development Manager at Toptech Systems.

“We are proud to have been recognized by the industry as the premier terminal optimization provider around the globe,” she said.

The Global Tank Storage Awards is a premier awards ceremony in the Oil & Gas terminal market and is designed to highlight those that excel in a range of different categories relating to terminal achievements, equipment innovations, ports and individual accomplishments

To see a recap video of the award ceremony, click here

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