AODD Pumps Key to Covid-19 Safety Products

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September 22, 2020

​While many businesses went idle in March and April, most air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pump manufacturers were deemed essential businesses and were requested to stay open.

That’s because countless industries across the world – including those producing critical products for the COVID-19 fight – depend on pumps to keep their processes working at top speed.

AODD pumps safely and effectively handle anything from water to solids-laden slurries—including volatile and dangerous liquids. Their flexibility allows one pump to tackle numerous applications, making them the clear choice for many of the world’s most challenging applications.

A brand of AODD manufacturer Warren Rupp, Versamatic pumps continue to help businesses stay open and are being used in the following applications & industries:


Sanitization Chemical Production

  •  Bleach
    •  ​The pumps are used for chemical transfer, tanker car loading and unloading, production line bottling and waste treatment applications.
  • Hand Sanitizer
    • Similar to the Old Pogue Distillery, many companies have retooled part of their manufacturing process to make a difference in the world, and AODD pumps assist in making this possible.
  • Liquid & Bar Hand Soap
    • The gentle pumping action produced by AOOD pumps reduces the risk of foaming or product degradation when pumping soaps.
    • In addition to pumping the final soap product, AODD pumps are also used to pump fragrances and surfactants widely used in soap production.
  • Residential Laundry Detergents and Sanitizers
  • Commercial Laundry Systems (Nursing Homes/Hospitals)
    • The superior chemical resistance of plastic AODD pumps is used when handling stronger concentrated chemicals including bleaches, ​caustic soaps and sanitizers. AODD pumps can handle a wide range of temperatures often found in industrial laundries.
  • Hand Creams


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Clear Acrylic Medical face Shields/Clear Acrylic “Sneeze Guards”
    • Acrylic separators have become popular recently, minimizing contact reducing the spread of COVID-19. AODD pumps are used during the chemical blending process along with moving the acrylics to molds and dies.
  • Latex/Latex Gloves
    • ​Increased hospital visits require increase safety protection and gloves are among the most commonly used PPE gear. Due to the chemical properties of latex, AODD pumps are used because of their gentle reciprocation and solids handling capabilities.



  • Water Treatment Chemicals/Chlorine Production and Dispensing
    • AODD pumps are used in the production of drinking water purification chemicals like chlorine and flocculants. Those chemicals are necessary to keep the drinking water safe and abundant, which is essential for everyone.
  • Environmental Protection
    • At most manufacturing facilities, especially ones using chemicals, there are requirements that any water used to be treated/neutralized prior to reintroduction into the public water system. AODD pumps are commonly used on filter press applications where the water is pushed through a series of filter elements to remove large solids. After the solids are removed, AODD pumps can be used to dispense the neutralizing chemicals, helping keep the environment clean and safe for everyone.
  • Food Processing
    • AODD pumps are used for multiple applications in producing food products, from sanitizing surfaces for produce sorting tables and meat production areas, to pumping yogurt and cottage cheese.

To learn why AODD pumps are the clear choice for many of the world’s most challenging applications, click here


New Gast Sound Shields Make Medical Settings Quieter

Company News
September 3, 2020

A leading designer and manufacturer of precision air-moving products, Gast Manufacturing in Benton Harbor, Michigan (USA), introduced new Sound Shield technology for vacuum pumps and air compressors last month.

Using their research from another project last year, Gast team members recognized the need for quiet compressors in medical, dental and lab settings. Applications include using compressed air for dental instruments, using compressed air to automate testing in pneumatic lab equipment, and many more.  They developed a new technology that eliminates assembly time cost and complexity of other less-effective sound dampening products.

Designed to be easily installed as an add-on during manufacturing or as an easy retrofit aftermarket upgrade, Sound Shield technology is a convenient, integrated, one-source solution to keep things quiet.

When equipped on a Gast 86R or 87R compressor or pump, Sound Shield maintains 95 percent of the air flow of a standard model. Maximum pressure, vacuum function and running temperature are not affected, maintaining product performance and life.

Gast Manufacturing’s Sound Shield technology dramatically reduces peak sound levels by delivering up to a 25% decrease in A-weighted decibels (dB(A)) and a 40% Sone decrease in perceived loudness to the human ear, offering improved sound quality.

“We developed Sound Shield as an easy, compact solution to streamline sound channeling processes and ultimately increase equipment user comfort, creating a more productive working environment,” said Bryan Kuntz, Sales Application Engineer, Gast Manufacturing.

To hear how the Sound Shield reduces noise, click here

Corken’s New Propane Railcar Offloading System Leaves No Propane Behind™

Company News
September 1, 2020

Corken, Inc., a unit of IDEX Corporation (NYSE: IEX) announced today the release of the world’s first propane unloading compressor system designed to fully evacuate propane from railcars during offloading, saving up to $3.5M over the lifetime of a system. While conventional unloading systems abandon the final 230-400 gallons of propane in each railcar due to their inability to overcome the vapor pressure (30-40 PSIG) during the final stage of transfer, Corken’s new Propane Miser™ is the first PLC-controlled two-stage compressor system that effectively overcomes this barrier, safely and quickly achieving evacuation as low as 0 PSIG.

“Our team observed customers paying for millions of gallons of propane that they never actually get,” explains Art Laszlo, Corken President. “We felt it was our responsibility to engineer a system to solve that problem and the Propane Miser will do just that,” said Laszlo.

With up to 25% faster throughput and deeper evacuation than conventional compressors, terminal operators can optimize the Propane Miser to evacuate faster, deeper, or both depending on operational circumstances. As an example, a terminal operator who unloads 1,000 railcars per year, pays $.60 per gallon, and normally stops their unloading at 40 PSIG stands to save $250,000 per year.

“Our patent pending control system combined with the proven Corken D791 two-stage compressor resulted in what will be the most impactful solution in terms of operational savings that our industry has seen in decades,” said Blake Wallace, Senior Engineer.

The Propane Miser was officially launched on September 1, 2020. Visit to use our Railcar Offloading Business Opti-MISER to calculate the potential savings Propane Miser could save your company.

Contact Corken at for more information or to be introduced to an authorized distributor in your area.


Founded in 1924, Corken’s exceptional reputation is built upon nearly 100 years of maintaining the highest quality products and customer service. This combined with a strong commitment to technological innovation has positioned Corken as a global leader in compression and pumping solutions. As a leading manufacturer of industrial compressors, pumps, bypass valves, and accessories, Corken specializes in custom compressor and pump skids designed for liquefied gas transfer, liquid transfer, air boosting, and vapor recovery applications for the process gas, energy, and transport industries.

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