New Gast Sound Shields Make Medical Settings Quieter

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September 3, 2020

A leading designer and manufacturer of precision air-moving products, Gast Manufacturing in Benton Harbor, Michigan (USA), introduced new Sound Shield technology for vacuum pumps and air compressors last month.

Using their research from another project last year, Gast team members recognized the need for quiet compressors in medical, dental and lab settings. Applications include using compressed air for dental instruments, using compressed air to automate testing in pneumatic lab equipment, and many more.  They developed a new technology that eliminates assembly time cost and complexity of other less-effective sound dampening products.

Designed to be easily installed as an add-on during manufacturing or as an easy retrofit aftermarket upgrade, Sound Shield technology is a convenient, integrated, one-source solution to keep things quiet.

When equipped on a Gast 86R or 87R compressor or pump, Sound Shield maintains 95 percent of the air flow of a standard model. Maximum pressure, vacuum function and running temperature are not affected, maintaining product performance and life.

Gast Manufacturing’s Sound Shield technology dramatically reduces peak sound levels by delivering up to a 25% decrease in A-weighted decibels (dB(A)) and a 40% Sone decrease in perceived loudness to the human ear, offering improved sound quality.

“We developed Sound Shield as an easy, compact solution to streamline sound channeling processes and ultimately increase equipment user comfort, creating a more productive working environment,” said Bryan Kuntz, Sales Application Engineer, Gast Manufacturing.

To hear how the Sound Shield reduces noise, click here

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