IDEX Italy Hosts Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Seminar

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November 30, 2020

Italy-based businesses OBL, Alfa Valvole, and Sampi, recently joined forces to host a virtual seminar focused on gaining awareness, promoting knowledge and developing competences to properly spread the values of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to all organizational levels.

IDEX Leaders in Italy invited all employees from the region, and partnered with 5-time World Champion Canoer, Josef Idem, to share her experiences in sports and the benefits of a diverse and inclusive team in equitable environment.

IDEX Italy leaders plan to host additional virtual seminars and trainings on topics including “Leading by example”, diversity management, and more.

Advanced Thin Films Donates, IH&S Donate Food for Thanksgiving

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November 24, 2020

Employees at Advanced Thin Films (ATF), in Boulder, Colorado distributed turkeys to their employees and to the Hmong American Association (HMAAC) of Colorado last week.

With close to half of the ATF workforce originating from East and Southeast Asia, many of whom are of Hmong ethnic background (pronounced “mong”), employees were able to choose if they would like to take a turkey home for Thanksgiving or donate a turkey to HMAAC.

The team donated 45 turkeys and 2 large bags of rice to the HMAAC.

“Thanks for lifting the spirits of this community in a time of hardship,” said a representative from HMAAC. “We at HMAAC, greatly appreciate your donations of turkeys this holiday season. Your support helps to further two of HMAAC’s missions to network with local organizations and provide services and goods to the Hmong Community.”

The turkey donations will help Hmong families in the local Denver area that are affected by COVID-19 this holiday season.

Team members at IH&S in Rochester, New York, also collected non-perishable food items for the Business Council of Rochester Cares, feeding 40 families for Thanksgiving.

New FTL Customer-Focused Dynamic Testing Facility

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November 18, 2020

FTL Technology, part of IDEX Sealing Solutions, recently installed new rotary and reciprocating test rigs at its Research and Development Center of Excellence in the United Kingdom.

With few customers having access to their own testing facilities to correctly validate their seals for Driveline and Plunger Pump market applications, FTL partnered with IDEX to invest in equipment to better serve customers and validate the performance of custom-built solutions prior to shipment to customers.

Engineers are now  able to simulate working application parameters and demonstrate how sealing designs react under different parameters including speeds, pressures, media, surface conditions, temperatures, atmospheric conditions, and more. In addition, the test rigs will enable engineers to perform back-to-back testing across different duty cycles, giving engineers a clearer view of how their seals will perform in the real world – rather than under strict lab-based parameters.

The test rigs are also autonomous. Once seal parameters have been set, the rigs can run without direct human supervision and log performance criteria.

“We are looking forward to sharing the benefits of our new test rig with our customers and IDEX team members worldwide,” said Mark McCormack, Engineering Director at FTL Technology. “With more refined solutions and a much more agile timescale for testing and validation, our customers can expect to benefit from significant gains through our testing and validation expertise.”

“But more important, our new test rigs afford our customers the peace of mind that our sealing systems will work reliably the first time.,” McCormack said.

FTL Technology is part of IDEX Sealing Solutions alongside Precision Polymer Engineering (PPE), Novotema, Roplan and SFC Koenig.



Viking Debuts New LACT Pump for Oil & Gas Industry

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November 16, 2020

The team at Viking Pump in Cedar Falls, Iowa continues to innovate despite challenges in the oil and gas industries. Recognized as a pumping industry leader, Viking Pump recently introduced the more durable GB-414 Series™ to their portfolio of Pipeline Injection products for Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT).

LACT is the transfer of oil from a land owner’s pipeline, which includes metering the output, to determine how much the landowner is owed. Viking Pump LACT Injection Pumps are an engineered solution coupling our pumping technology and electric motor driven units designed for the unattended transfer of liquid hydrocarbons from the producer to a pipeline owner.

To watch a video of the product, click here

Using Voice of Customer (VOC) and extensive testing procedures, Viking pump engineers developed a more durable and reliable product for high pressure and high flow applications.

The GB-414 Series™ pump is equipped with several features, including replaceable Internals, making the pump easier to repair. Additionally,

– Upgraded Internal Components to better handle harsh and abrasive conditions

– Multiple Seal Options,

– Modular Port Design

​- Common Port Location across pump sizes

With these new features, pump life is extended and as a result, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is reduced.

To learn more about Viking’s Pipeline Injection Product portfolio, click here

ADS Launches Second Installment of PRISM Solutions Platform

Company News
November 9, 2020

Technologies designed by ADS Environmental Services (ADS) in Huntsville, Alabama are making it easier than ever for municipalities to anticipate  when, where, and how sewer systems will fail in time for customers to act using data-driven solutions to prevent harm to the environmental and public health.

Building upon an installment launched last year, ADS recently revealed their second major iteration of PRISM software with significant advancements and improved machine learning.

PRISM (PRoactive Insight for System Management) is a Cloud-based web application that allows end users to view intelligent representations of flow rates, water levels, and rainfall monitoring data throughout a wastewater collection system in map-based and graphical representations designed specifically for the wastewater industry. PRISM enables municipal engineers, managers, and operations users to transform data into actionable insights through an easy and transformative user interface.

The new installment of PRISM 2.0 includes a new and improved version of blockage PREDICT, which provides an early warning system for blockages. With new algorithms that have now been trained on over a MILLION days of data, ADS PRISM customers are able to get answers sooner about growing anomalies and the performance of their collection systems.

Answers to critical wastewater collection system problems require high speed data assurance and integrity.  PRISM Advanced Data Editing amplifies the sewer data results with lightning fast data review and on-the-fly advanced data analysis, editing and validation enabling users to transform critical data into actionable insight.

PRISM 2.0 also supports 3rd party data integration using advanced APIs, enabling customers to access data from other services like USGS (United States Geological Survey) and have data available right along with all the other locations.  These imported locations can be used along for review as well as with ANSR (Advanced Numerical SolveR) calculations to determine different flow patterns. ANSR is PRISM’s “calculation engine” which places mathematical and engineering principles in the user’s hands to transform data “on the fly” into actionable intelligence.

To learn more about the PRISM 2.0 software, click here

Fast & Fluid Management introduces X-SMART XL for Asian Market

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November 2, 2020

Fast & Fluid Management continues introducing new versions of its precision paint tinting and mixing equipment, with enhanced features and low total cost of ownership based on customer feedback in Asia.

Adding to their portfolio of “X-SERIES” products, Fast & Fluid Management recently announced the release of their X-SMART XL to meet the needs of entry- to medium-sized businesses.

In contrast to the X-SMART product, which was designed for smaller retail locations, the X-SMART XL is twice the size of the X-SMART and provides the performance of two X-PROTINT dispensers in one X-SMART XL.

With up to 32 canisters and improved Speed and durability, the X-SMART XL is equipped with improved pumps and electronics and can operate at twice its original speed with the same footprint.


X-SMART XL is also ‘Digital Ready’ machine, which means customers can use their mobile phone or tablet to operate X-SMART XL, remotely update their formula databases and collect the commercial data via one click.

Additional features include:

– Ability to use two colorant segments on a single machine with a smaller footprint

– Bi-directional turntable, bigger pump, and a better stepper drive with advanced electronics
​- Available in the decorative and solvent version ​
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