Viking Debuts New LACT Pump for Oil & Gas Industry

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November 16, 2020

The team at Viking Pump in Cedar Falls, Iowa continues to innovate despite challenges in the oil and gas industries. Recognized as a pumping industry leader, Viking Pump recently introduced the more durable GB-414 Series™ to their portfolio of Pipeline Injection products for Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT).

LACT is the transfer of oil from a land owner’s pipeline, which includes metering the output, to determine how much the landowner is owed. Viking Pump LACT Injection Pumps are an engineered solution coupling our pumping technology and electric motor driven units designed for the unattended transfer of liquid hydrocarbons from the producer to a pipeline owner.

To watch a video of the product, click here

Using Voice of Customer (VOC) and extensive testing procedures, Viking pump engineers developed a more durable and reliable product for high pressure and high flow applications.

The GB-414 Series™ pump is equipped with several features, including replaceable Internals, making the pump easier to repair. Additionally,

– Upgraded Internal Components to better handle harsh and abrasive conditions

– Multiple Seal Options,

– Modular Port Design

​- Common Port Location across pump sizes

With these new features, pump life is extended and as a result, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is reduced.

To learn more about Viking’s Pipeline Injection Product portfolio, click here

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