ADS Launches Second Installment of PRISM Solutions Platform

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November 9, 2020

Technologies designed by ADS Environmental Services (ADS) in Huntsville, Alabama are making it easier than ever for municipalities to anticipate  when, where, and how sewer systems will fail in time for customers to act using data-driven solutions to prevent harm to the environmental and public health.

Building upon an installment launched last year, ADS recently revealed their second major iteration of PRISM software with significant advancements and improved machine learning.

PRISM (PRoactive Insight for System Management) is a Cloud-based web application that allows end users to view intelligent representations of flow rates, water levels, and rainfall monitoring data throughout a wastewater collection system in map-based and graphical representations designed specifically for the wastewater industry. PRISM enables municipal engineers, managers, and operations users to transform data into actionable insights through an easy and transformative user interface.

The new installment of PRISM 2.0 includes a new and improved version of blockage PREDICT, which provides an early warning system for blockages. With new algorithms that have now been trained on over a MILLION days of data, ADS PRISM customers are able to get answers sooner about growing anomalies and the performance of their collection systems.

Answers to critical wastewater collection system problems require high speed data assurance and integrity.  PRISM Advanced Data Editing amplifies the sewer data results with lightning fast data review and on-the-fly advanced data analysis, editing and validation enabling users to transform critical data into actionable insight.

PRISM 2.0 also supports 3rd party data integration using advanced APIs, enabling customers to access data from other services like USGS (United States Geological Survey) and have data available right along with all the other locations.  These imported locations can be used along for review as well as with ANSR (Advanced Numerical SolveR) calculations to determine different flow patterns. ANSR is PRISM’s “calculation engine” which places mathematical and engineering principles in the user’s hands to transform data “on the fly” into actionable intelligence.

To learn more about the PRISM 2.0 software, click here

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