Fast & Fluid Management introduces X-SMART XL for Asian Market

Company News
November 2, 2020

Fast & Fluid Management continues introducing new versions of its precision paint tinting and mixing equipment, with enhanced features and low total cost of ownership based on customer feedback in Asia.

Adding to their portfolio of “X-SERIES” products, Fast & Fluid Management recently announced the release of their X-SMART XL to meet the needs of entry- to medium-sized businesses.

In contrast to the X-SMART product, which was designed for smaller retail locations, the X-SMART XL is twice the size of the X-SMART and provides the performance of two X-PROTINT dispensers in one X-SMART XL.

With up to 32 canisters and improved Speed and durability, the X-SMART XL is equipped with improved pumps and electronics and can operate at twice its original speed with the same footprint.


X-SMART XL is also ‘Digital Ready’ machine, which means customers can use their mobile phone or tablet to operate X-SMART XL, remotely update their formula databases and collect the commercial data via one click.

Additional features include:

– Ability to use two colorant segments on a single machine with a smaller footprint

– Bi-directional turntable, bigger pump, and a better stepper drive with advanced electronics
​- Available in the decorative and solvent version ​
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