“Pump Report” YouTube Series Entertains While Teaching Core Pumping Concepts

Company News
February 7, 2024

Interested in understanding more about how pumps work? Our IDEX colleague Chad Wunderlich is your guy.

An engineer who manages distributor development at Viking Pump, Chad has been part of teaching in-person “Pump School” sessions and producing educational videos for years from their headquarters in Iowa (USA).

In Viking’s older videos, you’d typically only see Chad’s hands. That changed a couple of years ago, when Digital Media Manager Joe Barloon suggested positioning Chad on camera as a presenter. And so, the “Pump Report” was born on YouTube.

While some inquiries from the videos have led directly to sales, the approach is more about brand building. Chad explains to viewers in simple terms how different kinds of pumps work, including Rotary Lobe, Vane, Circumferential Piston Pump, Internal Gear and External Gear pumps. And he explains concepts, like how to calculate flow rate.

“You never know what’s going to be a hit,” Chad said.

Some of their most popular videos include:

The videos have also helped new employees learn about the company during the application and on-boarding process. Even students will watch and reference their videos when researching science projects, with the Viking Pump videos appearing first in many common pump related video searches.

“People will watch a three-minute video more than they’ll read a three-page script,” Chad said.

With pumps of myriad sizes and specifications central to so many IDEX products, consider learning a little about these concepts, regardless of your role. You can check out the entire playlist of Viking Pump videos on YouTube.

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