New IDEX Fire & Safety Partnership Sparks Hilariously Creative Marketing Campaign

Company News
February 7, 2024

You might not equate emergency response with comedy. But a series of Instagram and LinkedIn videos featuring IDEX Fire & Safety (F&S) products has tens of thousands of followers busting out laughing.  

F&S recently established a partnership with veteran-owned coffee shop Fire Department Coffee, a longtime champion of first responders, firefighters and veterans.  

The Illinois-based coffee shop showcases IDEX F&S products in fun, comedic skits on their large social media channels. Their videos feature products such as the SAM Smart Nozzle and HURST Jaws of Life Cutters. 

Snapshot of Instagram Post

While Fire Dept. Coffee is committed to first responders; they are also dedicated to creating great tasting coffee. They created Hale and HURST-themed coffee flavors, Midnight Rescue and the SAM BOOST, acknowledging IDEX F&S as essential to communities globally.  

More recently, veterans of the armed forces at IDEX F&S received goodie bags from the shop with ground coffee, swag and a special message for Veterans’ Day. 

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