New Liquid Controls Video Series Honors Fuelers

Company News
November 27, 2018

Liquid Controls (LC) recently expanded its LC Salutes series to include new videos honoring career fuelers, drivers, and ground support agents who use LC products on a daily basis and have dedicated their careers to safe, on-time fueling, rain or shine.

LC develops products that solve mission critical problems for customers in the oil and gas custody transfer business. Industries like LPG, home heating oils, refined fuels and commercial and military aviation depend on Liquid Controls to safely sense, measure and move high value fluids and fuels.

LC Salutes honors the hard-working men and women in the fueling industry, recognizing them as real people with real lives who make strong personal commitments to their jobs and the customers they serve while keeping the world fueled.  

To see the documentaries and learn more about LC Salutes, visit:

Or visit the LC Salutes playlist on YouTube:

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