European Women’s Network Sets Sights on Growth

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November 13, 2018

Champions of the European Women’s Network (EWN) descended upon Matcon in Worchester, England, on Nov. 6 to discuss the achievements, challenges and hopes for the network in 2019, along with inclusion and diversity in general.

Helping women to achieve excellence and reach their full potential is a key objective of the EWN, which enables European women to connect with colleagues at all levels of seniority.  Members of EWN include Anita Sogi, Eric Streets, Vice President of Inclusion and Diversity Christal Morris, Siobhan Wood, Kathryn Perry, Lindsey Smithson, and Chief Human Resources Officer Jeff Bucklew.

The Network proudly facilitates discussion between colleagues from a variety of backgrounds and business units, many of whom would not normally encounter each other through their usual duties.  Promoting equal opportunities for and challenging unconscious bias against all minorities (not just women) are some of the ways the EWN contributes to the Inclusion & Diversity conversation at IDEX.

The fledgling group of volunteers has achieved some great things since its inception, such as receiving over 600 pledges on International Women’s Day 2018 to #PressforProgress (beating the 2017 record of 250!) and creating and maintaining an active Yammer group.

Following up on this success, EWN is now looking to develop the group further, with a focus in 2019 on exploring a mentoring plan and expanding membership.

The group is now seeking new members from all walks of life.  Membership is not limited to women; EWN already has some men!  We only ask that members have an interest in fostering an inclusive environment for all employees, including minorities.

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