iPEK Cameras Aid Flood Prevention Project in UK

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March 20, 2019

A project to reduce flooding in the UK, is being accelerated by German-based IDEX company iPEK, which manufactures wastewater inspection systems. iPek helped find defects in pipeline systems for the Wyke Beck Valley Project , which is part of a six-part program to improve Leed’s flood alleviation practices.

The project is designed to help develop a flood storage reservoir to eliminate flood risk downstream and includes a series of environmental enhancements including ponds in a more natural eco-setting for the area.

Located near Manchester, Leeds has had many difficulties with the heavy rains and overflows in the last six years. Throughout the last six years, Leeds has suffered from several flooding events, the most notable being caused by the impact of Storm Eva on Boxing Day, 2015. The flooding affected 3,355 properties, costing the city over $42 million.

With the help of iPEK’s Rovion pipeline inspection truck, the team was able to examine the system through two manholes in quiet areas. This ensured technicians caused no disruption to customers or the general public. Without the new addition of equipment, The Wyke Beck Valley project team would have been unable to complete the task with as few set up sites.

To read the full case study, click here.

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