IDEX Energy Volunteers Assign Students Their First Engineering Task

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June 25, 2024

With the help of the IDEX Energy group, students in elementary through high school learned to build their own miniature battery-powered vehicles. 

Thanks to a group of leaders from Advanced Flow Services (AFS), Energy Asia, FlowMD, Marketing & Engineering India, Toptech Systems, and Sampi, students at the Oviedo Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida (BGCCF) were introduced to engineering in a fun and engaging way.

Everyone was divided into six groups and IDEX leaders in each of those groups guided students through the assembly of their wooden building kit using the written and graphic instructions. After some trial and error, the students were able to enjoy their vehicles. Some even asked their parents to stay longer to continue the fun. Following the activity, IDEX volunteers served the students dinner and got to learn more about their interests.

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In 2021, Toptech Systems, with the help of the IDEX Foundation, participated in opening the Oviedo Boys & Girls Club with the donation and installation of all their computers and TVs. Since then, Toptech has participated in projects like building a raised garden and revamping their teen area.

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