Alfa Valvole Making Italian Bio-Plastics Facility Happen

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March 6, 2019

Hundreds of valves from Alfa Valvole in Milan are part of an innovative new bio-plastics plant under construction in Bologna, Italy.

The Bio-on plant is in its first phase of construction now. It’s being designed with new technology to use CO2 freely available in the atmosphere as a carbon source to produce 100 percent natural and biodegradable bioplastic.

Bio-on plans to use “carbon dioxide as a zero cost ‘raw material,'” in addition to those already used to produce its polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) biopolymer bioplastic: sugar beet and sugar cane molasses, fruit and potato waste, carbohydrates, glycerol and waste frying oil. PHAs are used in packaging for food, cosmetics and other consumer products.

Alfa Valvole received an initial order for the first phase of the plant and expects subsequent orders for future phases.

The highly specialized valves – with distinct engineering and construction, and special actuators – will be installed in the phase involving the peroxygens bulk storage system. The Alfa Valvole solutions was right for the technical specs and ability to deliver.

To read more and see a video about the Bio-on project, click here.

From left to right :
Marzio Crespi – Application Engineer
Marco Gulifa – Engineering Manager
Gianpaolo Zannin – Business Development Manager
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