Vetter Gmbh

December 5, 2022

Vetter Gmbh is the global leader in developing technically superior pneumatic products that include lifting bags, tents and hazmat products. Airshore® is the No. 1 source of strut systems that protect rescue workers in the most unstable of situations.

LUKAS Hydraulik

December 2, 2022

LUKAS Hydraulik Gmbh is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic rescue tools with optimal performance, intuitive handling and superior quality. Developed to be used on the job.

IDEX Dinglee Technology 

December 2, 2022

IDEX Dinglee Technology (Tianjin) Co. LTD is the leading hydraulic rescue tools producer in China, with more than 20-years of experience. Based in Tianjin, China, outside of Beijing, it provides a variety of rescue tools with its brand of “Dinglee” to customers in China and rest of Asia. It is reputable for developing and manufacturing safe and high-quality solutions to meet local customers’ demanding needs.

HURST Jaws of Life

December 2, 2022

Hurst Jaws of Life, Inc. is the only manufacturer of the Jaws of Life® brand. There is no equal to saving lives. The company’s commitment to research and development, and dedication to quality engineering and manufacturing has resulted in a line of innovative products known for outstanding safety, durability and performance.


December 2, 2022

Hale Products, Inc. is a worldwide marketer and manufacturer of high-performance firefighting pumps and fire suppression equipment. The company has grown over its 100+ year history through its dedication to product innovation and expansion of markets to supply pump modules, foam systems, compressed air foam systems (CAFS) and electronic controls around the globe.


December 2, 2022

Godiva Limited is the world’s leading provider of firefighting pumps for fire services worldwide. Godiva Limited is an independent manufacturer with over 80 years of experience in fine-tuning products at the heart of the life-saving business.

Fluid Management

December 2, 2022

Fluid Management is the leading global manufacturer of precision dispensing and mixing equipment for the architectural paint industry. With over 50 years of experience, they are dedicated and passionate about designing innovative solutions. Fluid Management’s proprietary DVX pump technology delivers unmatched precision, speed, and quality in the most demanding applications.

Fast & Fluid

December 2, 2022

Fast & Fluid Management B.V. is the leading global manufacturer of precision paint dispensing and mixing equipment for the architectural coatings industry. Their automatic dispensers use their proprietary piston pump technology, which delivers unmatched precision, durability, and performance.


December 2, 2022

BAND-IT® is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of engineered fastening solutions. BAND-IT® clamps have been designed and manufactured to attach, clamp, manage cable, identify and insulate for applications worldwide. Paired with the patented tool systems to speed installation and ensure consistent tension for a complete fastening solution. BAND-IT® products deliver the robust performance and durability essential to harsh duty, mission-critical applications and can be found in rockets, rovers, and satellites in outer space, vehicle airbags and shipyards, and all the way to the bottom of the ocean.

AWG Fittings

December 2, 2022

AWG Fittings GmbH is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of mobile and stationary fire protection systems. As a complete provider of firefighting equipment, fire protection systems, and high flow firefighting monitor solutions, AWG Fittings supplies fire services, industry and other users with advanced and innovative products on every continent in the world.

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