Viking Pump Wins Innovation Award from Local Chamber of Commerce

Company News
April 8, 2019
(Pictured above: Scott Meyer, Engineering Manager and Ryan Weide, Business Line Manager at Viking Pump)

In recognition for their development of new pumps used in moving oil from production to the pipelines, Viking Pump recently received the Harold Brock Innovation award from the Cedar Valley (Iowa) Alliance & Chamber.

Viking Pump, a unit of IDEX which specializes in pumping solutions for the oil and gas industries, received the award for their innovation on the LACT GP-414 & GP-425 pump models.

Within IDEX, Viking’s innovation has been hailed as an excellent example of Customer Obsession, with our representatives recognizing and understanding the need from being in oil fields with customers. Viking developed and delivered a smaller pump that’s less expensive than competitors’ products.  Its simplistic and robust design allows the product to be more versatile in the field for demanding oil pipeline injection service. Sales have soared over the last few years

Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) is the transfer of oil from a land owner pipeline, which includes metering the output, to determine how much the landowner is owed. Viking Pump LACT Injection Pumps are an engineered solution coupling our pumping technology and electric motor driven units designed for the unattended transfer of liquid hydrocarbons from the producer to a pipeline owner.

To watch a video of how the pumps work, click here.




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