HURST Jaws of Life® Introduces Industry’s First Watertight Battery-Powered Extrication Tool

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April 11, 2019

Continuing in its tradition of firsts, HURST Jaws of Life® has launched the industry’s first watertight battery-powered extrication tool line, the HURST Jaws of Life eDRAULIC® EWXT.

The company’s EWXT water-resistant casing debuts in three tools, which also feature a new brushless motor for greater efficiency and longer run time.

“The launch of the HURST Jaws of Life eDRAULIC EWXT battery-powered, watertight tool line provides the industry with another first from HURST, as we continue to bring first responders rescue tools that make what was once seemingly impossible now possible,” said Ellie Mulcahy, general manager of HURST Jaws of Life, part of the IDEX Fire & Safety group.

“This innovative underwater rescue tool solution aligns with the IDEX Fire & Safety platform to accelerate our position as the global market leader for electro hydraulic rescue tools,” Mulcahy said

The debut of EWXT technology comes in three tools: S 788EWXT Cutter, SP 555EWXT Spreader and R 521EWXT Ram.

Additionally, HURST Jaws of Life® expanded its battery-powered eDRAULIC® rescue tool line with the    R 422E2 Ram, whose 59.1-inch extended length gives first responders the longest extension in the industry.

“The R 422E2’s telescopic, 59.1-inch reach and eDRAULIC power bring portability and performance to first responders on the scene,” said Bruce Johnston, director of marketing and product management for HURST Jaws of Life. “We continually look for solutions that will help first responders get to the patient quickly in every situation. Our Voice of Customer research showed us that end users sometimes require further reach in a Ram, and the R 422E2 delivers combined reach and power like no other tool on the market.”

HURST will debut the products at FDIC international this week, the world’s largest firefighter training and expo. Held in Indianapolis, FDIC is attended by more than 34,000 fire and rescue professionals from more than 65 countries around the world.


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