IDEX Celebrates International Women’s Day Celebrations Around the World

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April 1, 2024

At IDEX, we are proud to support and promote the inclusion of women in all parts of what we do. Business units across the globe participated in events that led to dialogue on International Women’s Day.

Many teams posted their updates to LinkedIn. Scroll through, like and comment.

IDEX China

Employees at IDEX China organized a handmade mosaic vase activity, women empowerment movie recommendations, and prepared an exquisite tea break with surprise gifts for all women employees.

Watch their IWD Video here:

Wonderful moments from their celebrations

IDEX India

Female colleagues gathered for a group picture to promote their new diversity development program.

GAST honors all the amazing women at on their teams. Their unparalleled dedication and innovation power our success and Inspires Inclusion!

Matcon Limited

International Women’s Day at Matcon was filled with enlightening activities and discussions that highlighted the importance of women and their contributions to the organization.

The event included a 30-minute walk by male employees in high-heels, providing them with a lighthearted but insightful perspective.

This was followed by a thought-provoking lunch session where we reflected on the progress made by women in the industry, while also acknowledging the roadblocks that remain.

The celebration concluded with an empowering webinar titled ‘Women on the Frontline,’ hosted by the InBalance Europe Employee Resource Group. This webinar provided a platform for female colleagues to share their experiences and insights.

IDEX Optical Technologies celebrated all female employees by posting them to their website! Get to know each of the valued women on their team and learn about their roles.
From dedicated engineers to visionary leaders, each woman on the Fast & Fluid team brings unique perspectives and strengths to our company.
The team at Fluid Management pledges to continue to break more barriers and move forward together towards a more inclusive and diverse future.
Godiva Limited hosted a workshop with break out sessions focused on specific topics that challenge societal expectations.

Employees at Precision Polymer Engineering Limited are working towards a world which is diverse, equitable, and inclusive for everyone. 

Watch their IWD video on LinkedIn!

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