ADS Helps Disabled Adults Prepare for Spring Planting Season

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April 1, 2024

Employees at ADS got their hands dirty at Next Step Farms (NSFs) in Alabama, USA, transforming a garden used by intellectually and developmentally disabled adults. By placing 30 raised bed planter boxes, filling them with topsoil and mixing in soil amendments that they provided, the team was able to prepare this community for the spring planting season. 

Learning to grow and prepare farm-fresh proteins, produce, and products is one example of the many skills taught by Next Step Farms. 

The non-profit organization conducts programs focused on teaching life skills to disabled adults who are students of their programs. Skills include cleaning, cooking, organization, home/auto maintenance, basic finance, computer skills, and personal hygiene. Instructing the students on these skills helps them gain some independence, seek employment and eases the demand on their caregivers.

The NSFs staff and students were so pleased and thankful for the hard work completed by ADS. In addition to uplifting a great charitable organization, this event also provided a platform for fellowship and team-building for the ADS group. Read the ADS blog post:

ADS is a unit of IDEX that provides flow monitoring systems that help water and sewer system operators detect and address blockages and other concerns before they damage property or the environment.

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