IDEX Health & Science Releases BioTight™ Fittings

Company News
April 1, 2024

IDEX Health & Science has introduced BioTight™, a new ferrule and lock ring combination fitting that is ideal for low-pressure fluidic applications.

Industry Problem: It can be hard to source easy-to-use fittings suitable for low-pressure applications in confined spaces.

IH&S Solution: The BioTight from IDEX Health & Science— a tiny and low-profile design that’s metal-free and easy to use.

For customers navigating the world of low-pressure applications, compact fittings and connection products are critical. The tiny, but mighty BioTight has a low-profile design that allows it to navigate tight spaces that other fittings can’t reach.

“It’s exciting to see the introduction of our new BioTight fitting series,” said Scott Anderson, Business Line Leader for Connections products.  “BioTight fittings are specifically designed for current and next-generation life science instrumentation flow paths. This new fitting technology will enable our customers to engineer new analytical instruments leading to breakthroughs in life science applications.”

BioTight is ideal for bio markets including genomics, next-generation DNA sequencing, spatial biology, IVD Bio, and Chromatography. BioTight is easy to use, compact, versatile, and metal-free. Finally, it’s made with all PEEK (polyetheretherketone) high-performance plastic components to ensure chemical and biological compatibility.

IDEX Health & Science, LLC is the global leader in life science fluidics, microfluidics, and optics, offering a three-fold advantage to customers by bringing optofluidic paths to life with strategic partnerships, solutions, and expertise.

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