New ADS Ultrasonic Monitoring System Alerts Authorities to Rising Floodwaters

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April 1, 2024

After years in the sewers, ADS is bringing its game above ground. 
A unit of IDEX that provides flow monitoring systems that help water and sewer system operators detect underground blockages early, ADS has a new solution for monitoring flooding on the surface. Based on similar technology to the sewer applications, the ForeSITE™-UL (Ultrasonic Level) monitoring technology system includes a smart device that continuously measures the surface level of water.  

The devices can be positioned over waterways, streets, underpasses, storm water outfalls, or any other area prone to flooding. The system can also monitor surface water levels in lakes, reservoirs, lagoons, rivers, streams, irrigation canals and tidal gates. 

If water levels rise, ForeSITE-UL sends messages and sounds alarms that a flood event is eminent. Alerted early, authorities can act to help prevent loss of property and life in the community. Early detection of rising flood waters can also reduce safety hazards to municipal workers and the public. 

An Increasing Concern 

Many stormwater management systems in urban areas are outdated and in need of repair or replacement. Surface water infrastructure such as dams, levees and water treatment plants are also aging. Upgrading old infrastructure is a significant challenge due to high costs and the challenge of disrupting existing systems. 

Until costly infrastructure improvements are made, local authorities can benefit greatly from early detection of emerging issues. 

As with all ADS solutions, ForeSITE-UL offers a range of different support options, from self-installation to full turnkey installation, monitoring, and data analytics services. This gives system operators optimal flexibility for managing their collection infrastructure in a manner that best fits their goals, budget, and staffing situations. 

With a battery life of four years, the system provides measurements at user-prescribed intervals with high accuracy. Data is logged and communicated via cellular infrastructure.

The ForeSITE-UL employs ADS PRISM™ suite of cloud-based, end-to-end software for aggregation, data storage, visualization, and analysis. PRISM provides virtual real-time information to system operators facilitating data-driven decision making.

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