OBL Pumps Certified for Use in Food and Beverage Applications

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April 7, 2021

​Milan-based OBL, recently received the European Union’s EC 1935/2004 quality certification, validating that the companies’ pumps are safe to use in food and beverage applications across Europe.

From raw material producers to processors in the field of food packaging, through to applications such as filtration, flavoring and additives in the food and beverage segment, there are many sectors that require the use of machinery and components compliant with EC 1935/2004 quality standards.  The certification signifies that OBL equipment successfully completed lab tests on key components, does not release contaminants throughout the production process and are the product of a certified supply chain.

Numerous OBL models now comply with the quality standards, including:

– Blackline M Series –With great dosing accuracy and very low maintenance, this pump is the ideal solution for applications in the water treatment industry, power generation, pulp and paper and many more.

– Blackline H Series – Specifically designed for wine, beer and fruit juices filtration, this solution allows for dosing and mixing processes to be taken care simultaneously by a single device and allows for yeast cells and other particles to be removed without trapping molecules of aroma, flavor and tanning.

– Blackline R Series –Designed to allow for dosing high-viscous chemicals at high temperatures while granting a steady accuracy and great reliability, this pump is ideal for industrial applications that requires dosing of glue, emulsion, coating agents, oils and greases and many other chemicals.

– Topline L Series – Designed to meet the highest standards in metering industry, this positive return plunger pump is ideal for demanding industrial applications and separates oil reservoirs, reduces the risk of oil contamination of process liquid and ensures steady and accurate output.

“I’m extremely proud of the team for working together in tough times to obtain the certification,” said OBL General Manager Gianluca Maestroni. “The certification strengthens our position in the enology segment and opens new opportunities for the company in the food & beverage industry.”

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