HURST Jaws of Life® Campaign Wins Silver in Advertising Awards

Company News
April 13, 2021

A new marketing campaign for HURST Jaws of Life® recently took home a Silver American Advertising Award in the annual Charlotte American Advertising Awards Gala, which each year recognizes the best of the best in marketing and advertising. With help from Charlotte-based marketing communications agency Wray Ward, HURST’s eDRAULIC Watertight Extrication Tool (EWXT) “Be Unstoppable” campaign received the recognition.

“We take pride in the recognition we receive for HURST Jaws of Life’s excellence in engineering and performance, and to have our brand also receive accolades for excellence in creativity is outstanding,” said Bruce Johnston, director of marketing for IDEX Fire & Safety and its HURST Jaws of Life brand. . “Being recognized with an American Advertising Award is an honor, and we’re proud this campaign caught the eye of the judges.”

The win came in the category “Integrated Campaign” for a campaign including print and digital advertisements, social media graphics, and a series of four videos extolling the features of the new EWXT rescue tools – battery-powered extrication tools with longer battery life, exceptional performance standards, and the ability to operate while submerged underwater. The videos mix extrication footage and engineering schematic graphics in the edgy HURST Jaws of Life brand look to illustrate the combination of power and performance delivered by the innovative tool line, including the spreaders, cutters, combi tools and rams.

The videos are used in HURST Jaws of Life’s marketing program and live on HURST’s new Video Library and YouTube as a resource for HURST Jaws of Life dealers and the first responders who use the tools to save lives.


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