Matcon Releases New Manual Cone Valve for US Market

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October 8, 2020

An innovation recently introduced by Matcon enables manufacturers to increase output and improve efficiencies.

To overcome the issues of core flow, particle rolling, and mix segregation, Matcon, which provides Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) technology for powder, granule and tablet processing, recently announced the release of the new Manual Cone Valve for US markets.

In the past, IBC operators using butterfly valves for powder discharge often experienced product bridging (when the product seems to stick in one place) and would spend time hammering the sides of the bins to discharge powders, resulting in damage to the container. Additionally, IBC operators sometimes found the mixed product would segregate leading to consistency issues in the end product.

Designed for Food, Beverage and Chemical applications, the new manually operated Cone Valve promotes mass-flow discharge of free-flowing powders preventing segregation of powder mixes and ensuring product quality.

All materials move at the same time so there’s no particle rolling and hence the quality of the mix is preserved.

To watch a video of the Cone Valve technology in action, click here

The Manual Cone Valve can be easily retrofitted to any existing flanged IBC outlet, providing a cost-effective way of delivering superior powder handling capabilities to an entire IBC fleet.

To learn more about the product, click here

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