Liquid Controls Announces Launch of New Fueling Technology

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January 10, 2019

Liquid Controls, an IDEX company which manufactures precision fuel measurement systems in the aerospace and energy industries, launched their new LCR.iQ metering technology this week.

Central to the CENTRILOGiQ platform of products, the LCR.iQ is considered the new benchmark in electronic meter registration, reducing complexity, improving efficiency and safeguarding all fueling system data. These meters can be found on trucks that deliver jet fuel to aircraft and heating oil to homes.

It features a high-definition display for improved visibility, configurable screens to adapt to multiple use cases, and wireless accessibility for remote data management. The new technology helps OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) consolidate sensor and electronics integrations by providing adaptive sensor connectivity.

Along with the addition of WIFI and Bluetooth data access, several improvements were made to address challenges for end users in the industry. These improvements include:

o Smart Keys for Guided Operation and Ease of Use
o Full Screen Active Fueling mode for Improved Safety and Visibility
o On Screen, Real-Time Diagnostics and System Checks for increased up-time
o Software Developers Kit (SDK) to support 3rd Party Android App Ecosystem

Take a look at the following video to learn more details about the new product:

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