Banjo Celebrates Launch of New EVX Product Line

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January 11, 2019

Banjo Corporation publicly unveiled a new electric valve line on Friday, after employees celebrated the launch at their Indiana headquarters last month.

Employees learned details about the EVX product line in small group meetings with the project team, who also demonstrated features of the new product.

“EVX expands the design possibilities for OEM engineers,” said John Hays, Banjo Global Marketing Manager. “Banjo engineered the EVX to be smaller, smarter, and tougher than current electric valves. Its much smaller size enables it to fit in space-constrained systems.”

On an agricultural sprayer, this involves a number of specific tasks including controlling the filling of liquid from an external source, controlling the distribution of liquid within the system, and controlling the application of liquid fertilizer and chemicals as they are sprayed on a field. Additionally, Banjo EVX electric valves can be used on trucks that apply brine solution for deicing applications.

EVX is up to 40 percent smaller than current available models, offers critical diagnostic capability and advanced communication protocols, and passes 52 separate durability torture tests to ensure reliability in strenuous applications.

To view a product video, click here.

To view product information on Banjo’s website, click here.

Banjo, which manufactures valves and pumps for agricultural and industrial applications, announced the release of the EVX product line to the public on Friday, January 11.

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