IDEX Health & Science Launches Film Degasser for Enhanced HPLC Performance

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January 22, 2020

Recognized as a leader in Optics & Fluidics, IDEX Health & Science unveiled its new Film Degasser to the Fluidics industry last month. The Film Degasser is a component in the fluidic path of an instrument used to improve instrument precision and reliability by removing dissolved gases from fluids before they outgas and create problem-causing bubbles in High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) applications.

HPLC is a technology used to separate and identify mixtures of substances in a solution and measure individual components of a mixture – often helping test drugs for the Food and Drug Administration. The technology is also used to identify carcinogen compounds, pesticides and poisons to help improve water purification.

Using a high-efficiency membrane and unique flow channel design, the Film Degasser, which is about the size of a pack of gum, provides more performance and the lowest fluidic resistance in the industry.

Further enhanced with vacuum control methodology for consistent performance, the Film Degasser uses a patent-pending algorithm, which allows advanced control to select the optimal degassing efficiency for any HPLC separation method. It also enables users to integrate the degasser into the separation method control protocol and select a given efficiency for any HPLC system, which can be programmed to exact specifications for every application.

“As a market leader in degassing technology, our latest product is aimed at revolutionizing degassing in the industry. With it, we have created a versatile, high-performance system that is suitable for universal application,” said Saba Jazeeli, Senior Product Manager of the Analytical Instrument Market at IDEX Health & Science.  “It eliminates the design limitations of tubing-based degassers, delivering reduced pervaporation and a lower environmental impact by controlling the discharge of solvent vapors to the laboratory atmosphere.”

To learn more about the Film Degasser, click here

To watch a video of how the Film Degasser works, click here

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