IDEX Health & Science Introduces New Constant Performance Degassing Pump System

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August 28, 2020

High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) separates and identifies mixtures of substances in a solution and measures individual components of a mixture.  Most common applications include drug analysis for pharmaceutical labs, quality control for food industry & clinical diagnosis of disorders and diseases to name a few.

In HPLC applications, small changes in the fluidic path can cause dissolved gasses to occur in a solution. When this occurs, bubbles can form, which can affect performance and produce unstable, inaccurate baselines.

To further improve instrument precision and reliability in HPLC applications, IDEX Health & Science (IH&S) recently announced the release of a Constant Performance Degassing Pump (CPDP) system, that enables a new method of in-line degassing to remove dissolved gases from fluids before they outgas and create problem-causing bubbles.

Equipped with a dual stage pump and an integrated microprocessor, the CPDP system offers an enhanced user experience with a patent-pending algorithm that allows advanced control to select the optimal degassing efficiency

With optimized vacuum based on method flow rate you can maintain a constant degassing efficiency. By operating at a flow rate defined vacuum levels, significant control of pervaporation and minimal mobile phase concentration changes can be achieved.

The resulting calibration data produces a mathematical model of degassing channel performance that allows the HPLC system to operate the vacuum degasser at the highest possible pressure (minimal vacuum level) to degas with minimal mobile phase concentration changes and reduced solvent loss to the laboratory atmosphere.

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