BAND-IT Supports Distributors During Hurricane Season

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August 25, 2020

With the 2020 hurricane season underway in the eastern and southern United States, BAND-IT® clamps are needed to safely secure signs and utilities to poles and towers. And with the pandemic making supply chain issues more challenging, the BAND-IT® team is working to ensure suppliers have ample stock to avoid challenges after storms hit.

A leader in quality engineered band clamping and fastening solutions, Denver-based BAND-IT® manufactures stainless steel bands, buckles and clamps designed to clamp wires, manage cables, keep electricity lines secure, hold signage in place, and much more. Municipalities and utility providers use our clamps to affix electricity lines, 5G transmission equipment, traffic signs, among other critical applications.

Founded in 1937, BAND-IT has a storied reputation for designing and producing fastening solutions that stand up to the harshest conditions in applications where failure isn’t an option – including on spacecraft, bridges, and vehicle assemblies.

Popular products that are being stocked regularly during the hurricane season include:

Whether our customers need help keeping items affixed to a pole, or need help keeping signage intact, BAND-IT’s distribution network continues to support customers before and after the storm clears.

To learn more about BAND-IT’s product offering, click here

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