HURST Adds Nine Watertight Extrication Tool (EWXT) Models

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June 15, 2020

HURST Jaws of Life® recently introduced nine new rescue tools, giving first responders a full selection of extrication solutions that are completely operational underwater.

Building upon the eDRAULIC® Watertight Extrication Tool (EWXT) which was launched last year, the HURST team built the new tools with the same high-performance features and benefits as their eDRAULIC 2.0 counterparts, but include an improved battery, and are more than three inches shorter, providing additional maneuverability in confined spaces.

“The expansion of the HURST Jaws of Life EWXT line to include 12 battery-powered, watertight rescue tools means first responders can be completely equipped with the speed, power and strength they need to get to the patient faster – no matter the extrication scenario,” said Bruce Johnston, director of marketing and product development for HURST Jaws of Life. “Whether they’re in a submerged rescue operation where an external power source simply isn’t accessible and hose lines add complications, or on the roadside facing the advanced high-strength steel of a late model car, EWXT is designed for today’s performance needs,” he said.

Regional sales team members leveraged relationships with private junkyards and training facilities to test the products while the businesses were closed to the general public.

The nine new tools in the eDRAULIC Watertight Extrication Tool line include:

– Two spreaders (SP 333 EWXT Spreader, SP 777 EWXT Spreader);

– Three cutters (S 789 EWXT Cutter, S 799 EWXT Cutter, S 378 EWXT (available Fall, 2020);

-Three combination tools (SC 258 EWXT Combi, SC 358 EWXT Combi, SC 758 EWXT Combi); and

-One Ram (R 522 EWXT Ram).

The tools complement the previously launched S 788 EWXT Cutter, SP 555 EWXT Spreader and R 521 EWXT Ram​


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