AWG, Godiva Develop Disinfectant System for Public Spaces

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June 10, 2020

With the ongoing battle against COVID-19, fire departments are challenged with preventing the spread of the virus by cleaning and disinfecting public spaces. To aid fire departments, IDEX Fire & Safety businesses this month released a new multitool sprayer and cleaning agent induction system.

The internationally diverse IDEX team from AWG in Germany and GODIVA in England joined forces using Microsoft Teams to design and test a reliable, low-cost system that connects to existing fire engines. With creativity and expertise from across the organization, team members quickly innovated and developed the product in just two months.

Godiva provided expertise on the pump, while AWG provided expertise on the eductor pump and the nozzle. The team also asked a biochemist at ThinXXS in Germany to help understand the chemical requirements for the common cleaning agents.

This combination of IDEX expertise led to the rapid development of a system optimized for this solution.

In contrast to the FS100 Portable Disinfectant Spraying System, which was launched last month, the SANISTREET FLEX system mounts on to a fire pump through the attachment of a delivery valve, and enables fire fighters and first responders to disinfect larger outdoor areas.

To read more about the product, click here.

To watch a short video of the product in action, click here.


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