GAST Shares Vision and Builds Bonds at 2024 Distributor Partner Forum

Company News
April 1, 2024

During a three-day gathering, GAST employees from all over the U.S., Europe, and Asia unite to share strategy, marketing, and new products hoping to garner excitement about the brand and its trajectory.

Distributors are best described as the eyes and ears of the market. They are important because they help them access local markets through their unique relationships with end-users and customers in unique communities.

While discussing strategy is always important, it’s no secret that networking and team building are essential to any team’s success. The GAST Forum embraces that outlook and intentionally includes opportunities for all attendees – including the extended distributor network – to interact and learn how to best support one another.

GAST Distribution Partners are deeply engaged in meeting the daily needs of their customers, brimming with enthusiasm, unwavering commitment, and a steadfast expectation of excellence for themselves and GAST.

An air-moving business unit of IDEX, GAST continues to develop and manufacture product offerings with a variety of medical, dental, and food service applications, including powerful compressed air riser mount systems, ventilators and oxygen concentrators that align with our mission – Trusted Solutions Improving Lives™ 

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