New MP350 Microlyser™ Processor from Microfluidics Wins Biotech Innovation Award

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April 19, 2024

The new biopharma grade MP350 Microlyser™ processor from Microfluidics, a unit of IDEX Material Processing Technology (MPT), won the Biotech Innovation Award at the Interphex global pharmaceutical and biotechnology conference in New York City this week. 

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The MP350 Microlyser™ processor is designed for production scale cell disruption, which is used in the manufacturing of many biological products such as antigens for vaccines, and viral vectors that deliver genes for next-generation gene therapy. Cell disruption is the process of breaking open (lysing) cells to obtain the intracellular fluid (lysate) and valuable intracellular components. 

Microfluidics’ newest processor was launched in India at the PMEC show in November 2023 and its appearance at the Interphex show was its first outing in the United States. 

According to Interphex, “The Biotech Innovation Award acknowledges an exhibitor’s innovative application to a given product or service that not only addresses an industry need but does so in such a way as to exceed previous standards or applications—thereby making the given process simpler, smoother, or easier to navigate.” 

This new technology was jointly developed by the IDEX MPT teams in both India and Westwood, Massachusetts (USA). The launch is the result of two years of dedication across Microfluidics’ engineering, manufacturing, application, and marketing teams. 

“I’m very proud of the collaboration between our teams,” Microfluidics’ Director of Machines Steve Mesite said. “The final product is extremely well-designed and functions exactly as desired. This innovation offers a great opportunity for Microfluidics because it enables growth into biotech scale up opportunities that we didn’t have in the past.” 

How is Microfluidics’ Solution Different? 

Microfluidics’ Microlyser™ technology is a new hybrid approach to cell disruption, pairing Microfluidics’ proprietary Interaction Chamber™ with a unique sanitary electric pumping system to create an unprecedented production scale solution. 

Their engineering and application experts worked tirelessly for two years to create this revolutionary biopharma technology, which achieves maximum yields, improves product quality, and delivers optimum yields in production scale cell disruption for a wide range of cells.  

“The Microlyser™ project was a great experience as the team from India & U.S. collaborated to develop a technology which fills in a critical customer need. The way the team worked together is a great example of the IDEX Difference in action,” Dhiraj Pandit, Managing Director, MPT Asia, said. 

“I am so proud of this team for their phenomenal work in successfully developing the Microlyser™ technology,” Daljit Singh, Sales Director- Microfluidics said. “The team displayed amazing collaboration and partnership approach in handling project’s complexities with a positive mindset, which was key to success. It was an honor to be part of this great team.” 

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