Akron Brass, Banjo Collaborate on New Meter for the Firefighting Industry

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September 19, 2019

Akron Brass, which manufactures fire nozzles, valves and monitors and Banjo, an agriculturally-focused unit of IDEX Fluid & Metering Technologies (FMT), recently collaborated to create a new portable flow meter for the firefighting industry.

Launched in August, The AkroFlow Portable Flow Meter is designed to measure water flow when demonstrating and servicing handline nozzles and portable monitors, making it the most accurate flow meter in the firefighting market.

The flow meter is used by customers to test handline nozzles and portable monitors, making sure they flow at the rate at the products’ specifications (rated flow(s) and pressure) and what’s required by National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards.

Developed in just five months, the Great Teams at Banjo & Akron Brass created the Akroflow meter.

“Our collaboration with Banjo in developing the AkroFlow portable flow meter has been excellent,” said Andrea Russell, Global Product Line Manager at Akron Brass. “The fact that we were able to utilize technology from another IDEX business unit helped make the product not only technically superior and allowed us to go to market very quickly.”

The flow meter solves the problem of understanding exactly what flow the firefighter has coming out of their handline nozzles and portable monitors. If the fire department doesn’t understand this, they could be flowing more or less water than they expect, and this could lead to unfavorable consequences.

Focusing intensely on the Customer, the compact, battery-powered unit weighs five pounds (2.3 kg), is just under 12 inches (30.5 cm) long and does not require calibrating or charging, offering several advantages over competitors’ products.

To learn more about the Akroflow meter, click here

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