IDEX companies around the world used plexiglass barriers to maintain social distancing

IDEX reacted quickly to the Covid-19 pandemic and then, in the spirit of community safety, shared its playbook with other manufacturing companies looking for how to protect their workers. The actions taken at our facilities worldwide include:

  • Implementing response protocols and quarantine policies
  • Requiring face coverings be worn inside
  • Establishing and enforcing social distancing protocols (6ft/2m)
  • Redesigning workspaces to ensure distancing and installing barriers where distancing isn’t possible
  • Launching enhanced routine cleaning in line with CDC and global health protocols
  • Providing hand sanitizer/cleaning solutions for employees to use
  • Instructing employees to stay home if they aren’t feeling well
  • Directing employees who are able to work remotely to do so in order to minimize risk to those whose roles necessitate them being onsite

As a result of this and of your sustained vigilance, despite continued spread in the communities where we do business, we are proud that we continue to have very few employees infected with the virus and of our quick actions to prevent spread within our facilities.

With air conditioning being used less because of pandemic concerns, Vetter team members designed “refreshment showers” to keep employees cool during the summer of 202. Employees maintain social distance while using the shower and make sure to remain upwind of any spray while others use the equipment.