Wright Flow Technologies Support Chinese Vaccine Production

Company News
June 23, 2021

CoronaVac, the new vaccine produced by the Beijing-based pharmaceutical company Sinovac and recently approved by the World Health Organization (WHO), is being manufactured with help from Wright Flow Technologies pumps.

When two customers contacted Wright Flow earlier this year to support large-scale production of the vaccine in China, the team could not guarantee the usual delivery time due to industry-wide supply chain challenges. At the same time, competitors offered a quote, which on its face looked more appealing than Wright Flow’s price and delivery time.

The Wright Flow team rose to the occasion with its strong history of superb product quality, collaboration, and industry expertise. With tireless focus on the customer, the team outlined product features and advantages of working with Wright Flow pumps, including the ability to collaborate with the best ultrafiltration equipment manufacturers in the world. After discussions about the importance of health and safety over all else, the customers trusted our company’s expertise in producing specialized pumps for the pharmaceutical industry.

Wright Flow secured the order and followed through on their guarantee of delivery within six weeks. More than two dozen Wright Flow lobe pumps are currently being used in the purification process of vaccine production.

The World Health Organization approved Sinovac’s vaccine as part of its emergency use listing on Tuesday, June 1 for people aged 18 and older. The CoronoVac vaccine is being used in more than 40 countries, and more than 600 million doses have been delivered so far.

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