Warren Rupp Colleague Helps Dogs Find New Homes, Loving Families

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May 4, 2021

To help relocate pets to loving new homes, Warren Rupp’s Vice President of Sales and devoted dog lover Jim Coryell recently drove 1,500 miles in two days to help 51 dogs find new families.

Jim, who has been involved with One Love Animal Rescue since 2015, embarked on the long journey with three other dog-lovers. They split the 36-hour drive, stopping only for fuel and bathroom breaks.

The team partnered primarily with One Love Animal Rescue, but also with Jasper Animal Rescue Mission (JARM), Chatham Animal Services and Effingham Animal Services in Savannah, Georgia to safely transport dogs from Georgia to Delaware and into the care of animal rescue’s in the area.

“It was emotional, wonderful, intense at times as we drove through rain, loud with 51 dogs barking most of the time, and ultimately rewarding to see all the dogs go directly into foster care,” Jim said. “Three of the sweet dogs were adopted by the time we got back to Savannah.,”

Adoptions and purchases of dogs have soared in the United States during the pandemic, as people have sought companionship. Some shelters, particularly in northern states, have run out of adoptable animals. At the same time, shelters in southern states still had dogs, creating an imbalance that Jim and his team helped address.

Relocating these often-mistreated animals, saves their lives as 80% of the animals may have been euthanized if not for these efforts.

One Love Animal Rescue makes 6-8 trips per year to various states and rescues, transporting dogs and occasionally cats.


Pictured left to right – Kristine Collins, Karrie Bulski, Jim Coryell and George Carroll

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