Sandpiper, Versamatic Redesign Mobile Apps for Customers

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December 9, 2019

With the goal to better serve its customers, Ohio-based Warren Rupp updated their SANDPIPER and Versamatic mobile apps last month.

The new SANDPIPER and Versamatic apps enable users to scan QR codes on their pumps and look up information, while also providing an interactive chemical compatibility guide, and other important resources.

Originally launched in 2014, Warren Rupp’s previous apps were downloaded through the app store, lacked functionality, ease of use, and a modern user experience.

Working with app developer Lumavate, Warren Rupp’s applications transitioned from being hosted on mobile applications to Progressive Web Applications (PWA).

PWAs enable content managers to make updates quickly, which allows the most current product information to be in the customers hands instantaneously. The old, traditional native apps require an update. For development, PWAs are quick to deploy and in this case, was a more cost-effective option compared to native app development. Users can also access the PWA on their desktop, and PWAs take up about 1/10 of the space of a traditional native app.

“For us, it was about developing an app that would provide the most seamless experience for our customers,” said Michelle Miller, Marketing Manager at Warren Rupp. “The biggest thing for us is scalability. There’s a ton of value in knowing that in the future, there are ways that we can add technologies and features and functionality that will further empower and enable our end users.”

To view the SANDPIPER application, click here

To view the Versamatic application, click here


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