New Publications & Awards Highlight ADS® Preventing Sewer System Overflows

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January 5, 2023

If undetected sewer system blockages result in back-ups and overflow, wastewater can pollute bodies of water, cause costly property damage, and jeopardize public health. The role ADS Environmental Services®, a unit of IDEX, plays in helping utilities and municipalities effectively manage wastewater systems is highlighted in recent articles and was the subject of a national award.

The New England Water Environment Association (NEWEA) Journal recently published an article about smart sewer technology, co-authored by our ADS colleagues Mike Bonomo and Kevin Enfinger. The article  outlines how data from smart sensors positioned throughout a sewer system, analyzed by a machine learning algorithm, can detect an emerging blockage before it grows to become a problem. This allows maintenance crews to remove the blockage before any harm is done. Learn more.

A new case study published by ADS (see attached) discusses how a large community-owned utility in Florida – one of the largest systems in the United States – is using ADS to optimize its sewer cleaning program, including a focus on 100 “hot spots” that have a history of needing more frequent cleaning because of blockages. With more than 3,900 miles of wastewater collection lines, over 1,300 pumping stations, and eleven wastewater treatment plants, the system handles more than 80 million gallons of wastewater every day. Using ECHO flow monitors connected through cellular network to cloud-based PRISM™ software, the utility reduced its work order volume by 35 percent. Learn more.

And from the southern hemisphere, the Australian Water Association awarded TasWater, WSP in Australia, and ADS Environmental Services the “Infrastructure Project Innovation Award” at the Tasmanian Water Awards.  The specific project was the Launceston Network Flow Survey and Hydraulic Model Build & Calibration.  The association stated, “The Launceston network monitoring and model calibration project has been a collaboration between TasWater and industry partners. It has delivered an accurate and predictive tool that will be utilised to plan and design significant projects within Launceston. The project has also significantly built the understanding and operational intelligence of Australia’s largest combined sewage network.” Learn more.

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