New iPEK System Makes Sewer Inspections Easier

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May 21, 2019

Sewer inspections are becoming significantly more efficient thanks to a latest innovation in crawler technology from iPEK, a unit of IDEX. Sulzberg, Germany-based iPEK, which manufactures wastewater inspection systems, introduced its new ROVION SAT II inspection system at the ROKATECH tradeshow earlier this month.

In the past, if the sewer pipe diameter of the sewage pipe changed, it would require the inspector to take the crawler out and adjust the setup, making the processes time consuming and tedious. Not anymore.

With three years of product development and tireless focus on their customers, the iPEK team developed the ROVION SAT II inspection system, consisting of an extremely powerful crawler and a revolutionary cable reel.

The new system is designed to resolve three major pain point for end users: limited pipe size range, high downtime and inefficient inspections of house connections, also known as laterals.

To improve the system’s flexibility, the RX140SAT II crawler expands the capabilities of its predecessor, allowing users to inspect sewer pipes ranging from 150mm – 2000mm, compared to 150mm to 600mm in the past. The new crawler also features a push rod and TV-cable, which allows the crawler to conduct lateral launches in a sewer system. With the addition of the 45-meter push rod, end users can now inspect pipe laterals more thoroughly and locate possible hazards in the sewerage system more quickly

To see the ROVION SAT II Field Test, click here













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